Why Were African Americans Particularly Harmed When The Stock Market Crashed? A. The Jobs That They Held Either Went Away Or Were Filled By White People. B. They Were Put To Work On Public Programs Created During The First New Deal. C. They Were Blamed Fo (2023)

1. Finish filling in the steps your idea would have to go through to become

  • When the stock market crashed, African Americans were harmed because the jobs that they held went away OR were filled by white people. Hope this helped!

  • Answer:federal and state Explanation:That is what you wanted me to say

2. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 | US History II (OS Collection)

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3. 'Sum Of Us' Examines The Hidden Cost Of Racism — For Everyone

'Sum Of Us' Examines The Hidden Cost Of Racism — For Everyone

4. [PDF] H.Doc. 108-224 Black Americans in Congress 1870-2007 - GovInfo

  • From this beginning, Black Americans in Congress, 1870–2007 chronicles African Americans' participation in the federal legislature and their struggle to attain ...


  • ... made public through the National Archives and Records Administration. Our work reflects the extraordinary commitment and knowledge of the mem- bers of the ...

6. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 – U.S. History - UH Pressbooks

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  • Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? The Great Depression, 1929-1932

7. [PDF] Civil Rights in America: Racial Voting Rights - National Park Service

  • Thus, if a state kept African American men from voting, it would have its representation reduced ... African Americans held a majority of the white-collar jobs in ...

8. [PDF] sec_E_SB_ELA_G7.pdf - TN.gov

  • The College Board gratefully acknowledges the outstanding work of the classroom teachers who have been integral to the development of this program. The end ...

9. Watch We Shall Remain | American Experience | Official Site - PBS

  • Film Description · Episode 1, After the Mayflower: In March of 1621, in what is now southeastern Massachusetts, Massasoit, the leading sachem of the Wampanoag, ...

  • From the award-winning PBS series American Experience comes We Shall Remain, a provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history.

Watch We Shall Remain | American Experience | Official Site - PBS

10. Search Results New Deal - EH.net

  • He is a passionate advocate for “full employment” and creating high paying jobs. He focuses the book on whether the shifting American model of a free enterprise ...

  • Published by EH.Net (June 2022).

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