Use birthday in a sentence. (2023)


  • that was the bestBirthdayAlways.



  • It was niceBirthdayno moment.



  • forgot mineBirthdayonce again.



  • He changed the decorative tip and wrote "HappyBirthdayDaddy!" on top of the cake.



  • I will send you oneBirthdaypresent with this letter.




  • Poor guy didn't even have a real one.Birthday, just the arbitrarily chosen date, January 1st.



  • there is theBirthdayChica.



  • She was planning to give her son a big oneBirthdayParty with cake, decorations, balloons and lots of games.



  • The you in my sky is the person I created in my head, the perfect you who never drinks the milk out of the cereal bowl and remembers everyone.Birthdayand she leaves with the most beautiful card she bought the day before and sends her roses for no reason...



  • Where is what you gave me for mine?Birthdaylast year?




  • She and Bill took her to aBirthdaychurch party.



  • Jackson told him thatBirthdayis it next week?



  • felizBirthdayand have a great day.



  • I can't help the rest of my lifeBirthdayPastel.



  • You don't think I'd miss my favorite nieceBirthdayyou are at a party




  • It must be nice to have just oneBirthdayOnce every four years.



  • HeBirthdayAlbum is perfect to see howBirthdayWishes and gifts change over the years and how quickly your child has grown!



  • Cartridges are available in a selection of themes ranging from seasonal andBirthdayis based on collections of licensed character images.



  • Any father would be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift on Father's Day, hisBirthday, or for no specific reason other than to tell him what a great dad he is.



  • Keeping a diary of how your child has grown and changed over the past year will become a habit.BirthdayParty design for a very special keepsake.




  • ABirthdayit's just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.



  • Use leftover number ornaments to make your own.Birthdaypaper stamped with the guest of honour's age.



  • Use small pieces of ribbon and small sequins or beads to make them.BirthdayCandle decorations for your page.



  • Cut ovals out of your favorite patterned papers and add twine to make your own little ones.Birthdaybouquet of balloons



  • seems just aBirthdaycard for me




  • One way to make a book special for the child in your life is to save each other's cards.Birthday.



  • An album that starts with the firstBirthdayand continuing until the 18th can be a very special gift.



  • For example, choose aBirthdayParty template and find three or four photos of your son or daughter's latest.Birthday.



  • So on October 1, 1810, having seen his work at Cawnpore crowned with the dedication of a church the day before, he left for Calcutta, whence he left on January 7, 1811 for Bombay, where he reached the age of thirty. .Birthday.


  • The Romans celebrated theBirthdayof a city and its genius, as they celebrated that of a man; and a snake was a common shape for that kind of demon; If we compare this with the South African belief that the snakes found near the kraal are incarnations of the residents' ancestors, it seems likely that a similar idea underlies Roman belief; to this day, in European folklore, the domestic snake or toad that lives in the cellar is considered the "index of life" or another self of the father of the house; According to popular belief, the death of one leads to the death of the other.



  • Cut designs from your favorites.BirthdayMaps to create a label to add to your layout.



  • in his seventiethBirthdayCongratulations came from many quarters.



  • He reached London on the 29th, his thirtiethBirthday, who with the procession, amidst general jubilation and "through an avenue of happy faces", arrived at 7 pm in Whitehall, where the Houses of Parliament were waiting to offer him their congratulations and loyalty on behalf of the nation.


  • He was considered to be the founder of Kolkata or Kolkata, but in 2003 the Supreme Court of Calcutta rejected Charnock's name as the founder of the city and towns in a landmark decision based on the findings of a high-level expert committee.BirthdayAugust 24, 1690.


  • they planned aBirthdayShe would have lunch and then Connie would take her to get the car.



  • Merrill Cooms transferred one hundred thousand dollars asBirthdayIntroduce Claire Elizabeth, about her mom and dad's unsuccessful protests.


  • But today she didn't want to be reminded that in the two months since her 24th birthday, she had transformed from a normal person into a sullen, sunlight-intolerant shrew.Birthday.


  • The first time she forgets yourBirthday, all hell breaks loose.


  • She distinguished herself as a warrior and attended her twenty-seventh orchard celebration.Birthdayalong with half the city.


  • The prize of the day included a plastic cup labeled Bonanza and the Derbyshire beaver.BirthdayPet Furry Fred.


  • Find out more on the Queen's 80th birthday official websiteBirthdayCelebrations in 2006.


  • in his thirteenthBirthday, Joan invites him on a trip to London to buy his first pair of Levi's jeans.



  • OfBirthdayParty photos tend to be very bright and colorful on their own and often don't need much embellishment.



  • Find a picture of the boy.Birthdayand then arrange the cards in a two-page layout with the photo.


  • Use leftover decor from aBirthdaydecorate layoutBirthdayPage layouts for cake recipes.



  • Some stress is good and good for you, like a promotion at work, the birth of a new baby, moving to a new house, or a celebrationBirthday.



  • 1657, on his eighteenthBirthday, gave his first sermon; In the same year he visited his elder brother in Dublin and studied there at Trinity College, where he received his M.A.

  • in his seventiethBirthdayA large sum of money (270,000) was raised through public subscription, half of which was used to buy back the Schönhausen property for him and the remainder used to establish a fund to support the teachers.

  • He changed the tip and wrote: "HappyBirthdayDaddy!" on top of the cake.

  • How could I know?BirthdayShe forgot?

  • Anyway, when she arrived, aBirthdayCake was in the middle of the table.

  • It was blue, white and red, a reminder of the lastBirthdaycake you saw

  • Betsy looked determined, Julie like a cow to the slaughter and Molly smiling like aBirthdayChica.

  • No no de JonathanMoreBirthdayIn October, they had put him in charge of Random.

  • Explain why there are six unused Christmas cards, sixBirthdayCards…” he began to count, “…and seven Valentine's cards, all 'To my loving wife' or some variation of them?

  • Sarah chimed in: "When is yourBirthday¿Elizabeth?"

  • jackson dayBirthday, Sarah and Elisabeth went shopping together.

  • Jackson accompanied Elisabeth to her car after sheBirthdayCena.

  • It's herBirthday, not a brainstorming team meeting.

  • alex had aBirthdaynext friday... it's 33.

  • She was wearing a hospital gown, the silver A-Charm she got for it.Birthdayrest on your neck.

  • Jay Jay the Jet Plane products include backpacks,BirthdayParty items, books, buildings...

  • The British Gregor Tait celebrated 25 yearsBirthdayin style on the 20th of April when he won gold in the men's 100m backstroke.

  • I expect much moreBirthdaycelebrate with her.

  • 244 tomorrowBirthdayAugustus, the Legion's namesake, was celebrated by the Senior Centurion in Caerleon.

  • The graduation ceremony took place at Fidel Castro's home.Birthday.

  • The Ninagawa Company returns to the Barbican for its 25th yearBirthdayyear with a production of Shakespeare's tragedy Coriolanus.

  • It starts after your child turns three (exact date depends on whenBirthdaycai).

  • Now I have a delicious delicious, doubly delicious,BirthdayPastel.

  • I'm going to buy a used record player for my seventh birthday.BirthdayWhat is your biggest extravagance?

  • Lynn 40Birthdaywas coming and she didn't want to be a 'scruffy fat'!

  • Are you looking for a company that can offer unique and unusual products?BirthdayGifts?

  • The Queen appointed a governess, Catherine Peebles, shortly before the Prince's fifth birthday.Birthday.

  • The actual date of the stuffed animal.BirthdayIt's June 20th, it's my oldest grandson's dateBirthday!

  • Add a melody to aBirthdaya greeting, a wink to a text message or share the latest ringtones with friends.

  • For the heartbroken daughter, Julie. X. Sweet Jesus in heaven above, send our little NanaBirthdayAmar.

  • We will leave a strong tip for you. If you move soon, you might have oneBirthdayOr does he deserve a special gift?

  • I get excited about everything. My beloved husband buys me a crystal skullBirthdaynot end of week

  • Tiny Prints Birth Announcements Simple, Modern and Unique Birth Announcements, Christening Invitations, Christening Favors, Photographic Announcements andBirthdayParty loads.

  • In 1998, he was knighted by the Queen.Birthdayhonor board

  • felizBirthdayDear tea bag... But does it make a cup of coffee as good as the good old loose leaf?

  • 40th Anniversary To celebrate our 40thBirthdayWe released this limited edition classic Berghaus 40L backpack.

  • had aBirthdayPartyed at the new downstairs bar last week and had a great time, all American and great margaritas.

  • The National Youth Choir of Scotland celebrates its 10th anniversaryBirthdaythis year- showed its own side in amber.

  • os 500Birthdayby Luther in 1983 focused the thinking of Marxists and non-Marxists on the difficulty of celebrating this event.

  • Indeed, Tallis' magnificent 40-part Spem motet may have been composed in Alium for Queen Mary's 40th birthday.Birthday.

  • it becomes interestingBirthdayGift for everyone who likes these old cars!

  • A commemorative cup was given to each child on the occasion of the school's 50th anniversaryBirthday.

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  • BirthdayCard Gallery Glitch Gallery Updates Let's face it, I'm just a household name in my own house.

  • There was no ode to the new year nor aBirthdayRoom e 1745.

  • it's as cheap as mineBirthdayvery soon, so the timing couldn't have been better!

  • Later, she is invited to theBirthdayThe spoiled rich kids party, Paula Brown.

  • In Ghana, a delicious sweet potato fries and egg burger is a big hit.BirthdayBocadillo.

  • That night he contracted pleurisy and died the day after his 50th birthday.Birthday, January 26, 1869.

  • When asked which one is your favoriteBirthdaywas present, the answer is always 'silly lizzie'.

  • there is nationalBirthdayThe UK Planned Home Births Trust Fund study reported the incidence of umbilical cord prolapse.

  • I also got a cool new raincoat for mine.Birthdayfrom my husband - perfect for a summer in Edinburgh!

  • To celebrate our 21stBirthday2005 you can now visit redwings for free.

  • They took him to a MASH in Tangier and finally repatriated him on the 21st.Birthday(22. April 1944).

  • And yesterday, Don challenged Scotland's leading rockers to give Scotland's Hard Rock Cafe, which was celebrating its eighth year, some gear.Birthdaylast week.

  • Three days ago on Earth, the Opportunity rover celebrated its first Mars mission.Birthday.

  • for me 43Birthday, I bought the revitalizing eye serum from laboratoire remède.. .

  • She isBirthday, Caroline comes home early and Carly looks embarrassed.

  • In Cargo, the crew of the Glenfiddich takes over again, this time for the first time.Birthdaytricks

  • Yes, in a move that stripped me of any remaining masculinity, he asked me to marry him.Birthday.

  • December saw an overnight stay for PhilipBirthday, Val Stays, Phil Buckley Stays and Ian's Violin Concerto.

  • Paula is proud of herBirthdayGift, a blue snowsuit from Sweden.

  • Second Officer Dave King celebrated his 30th birthdayBirthdaywith a little soirée in the science hatch in the afternoon sun.

  • Thank you HMS Belfast for giving us the opportunity to do something special for us.BirthdayWe can't wait to go back.

  • So let's celebrate JesusBirthdaywith the biggest spending spree of the year.

  • Women discuss hiring a male stripper for Bea'sBirthdayParty.

  • His troubles seemed to start when his daughter Iris accidentally swallowed an ecstasy pill while attending a hospital.BirthdayParty with mom.

  • The Troubled Teenager His Parents Worried Would Stay Home Until He Was 16BirthdayHe changed his life.

  • Prince Charles SurrenderBirthdayTribute to his mother later, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 5pm BST.

  • I decided in my 25Birthdaythat I was a unique race and probably handicapped.

  • HeBirthdayThe boy is given a magic wand to keep, 01344 777 564.

  • This year, 60 Welsh names are included in theBirthdayhonor board

  • email to yourBirthdayWishes, best wishes, condolences or best wishes here.

  • A young woman aged 14 to 26 can belong to the senior sectionBirthday.

  • The record of his passion for books, his Philobiblon, was completed at the age of 58.Birthday, January 24, 1345, and died April 14 (May, according to Adam Murimuth) of that year.

  • Confessors were visited in prison, the tombs of martyrs were places of pilgrimage, and the day on which they suffered was thus celebrated.Birthdayyour glory

  • Ottoman sultans, such as the Mamluks and Seljuks, used to bestow largesse on their accession to the throne or on special jubilee occasions, a custom that is still practiced today, such as on New Year's Day or New Year's Day.Birthdaywill ao the Prophet (mvlud).

  • They are: "The Fate of Caesar", "Verses about Inveraray", "Epistle to the Earl of Eglintoun", "Prologue on theBirthdayof the Prince of Wales, 1759" and several "Epigrams" published in vol.

  • He received large monetary rewards (6,000 on his silver birthday and £5,000 on his fiftieth birthday).Birthday), which he delivered to these institutions.

  • The demonstrative role of Prince Bishop Jeglic and the main Catholic clergy and the fact that the EmperorBirthdayCompletely ignored, it was intended as a response to those who claimed that Slovenian Catholics were the bulwark of the Habsburg throne.

  • At a banquet in honor of the German emperorBirthdayIn Pretoria in January 1895, Kruger spoke enthusiastically of Germany's friendship with the Transvaal, which was to become stronger than ever in the future.

  • The first exhibition of the gas lighting system for the streets of Winsor was in the king's court.Birthday(June 4) 1807 and was executed in a series of lamps in front of the colonnade opposite Carlton House.

  • What was that book you sent me for mine?Birthday?

  • As she had never seen or heard of such a story before, we asked her where she had read it; she replied, “I haven't read it; It's my story for Mr. AnagnosBirthday."

  • Helen wrote a short letter and sent both to Mr. Anagnos, with the manuscript attached.Birthday.

  • I also got a cool new raincoat for mine.Birthdayfrom my husband - perfect for a summer in Edinburgh!

  • For children, the normal age to receive the sacraments is no earlier than the age of twelve.Birthday.

  • To celebrate our 21stBirthdayAs of 2005, you can now visit Redwings for free.

  • They took him to a MASH in Tangier and finally repatriated him on the 21st.Birthday(22. April 1944).

  • Retirement benefits must expire no later than your 75th birthdayBirthday.

  • And yesterday, Don challenged Scotland's leading rockers to give Scotland's Hard Rock Cafe, which was celebrating its eighth anniversary, some gear.Birthdaylast week.

  • Jennifer admitted that she continues to have higher self-esteem as a result ofBirthdaygift

  • for me 43Birthday, I bought the revitalizing eye serum from Laboratoire remède...

  • In its seventeenthBirthdayRené told her that he had remarried.

  • Barrie Cook is 71 years old and her work was recently shown at Tate Britain to celebrate her 70th birthday.Birthday.

  • The fourth film celebrated its debutBirthdaywith another night of simulcast shows including the debut of Caligula...

  • Our sincere apologies to Sarah from Bermuda who ordered a gift for her father.BirthdayNot UK.

  • Alfie gives Brett a present for her 16th birthdayBirthdaywho he really loves

  • Ruth also brought a cake for her sixtiethBirthdaythat frame a weekend of healthy eating, no!

  • December saw an overnight stay for PhilipBirthday, Val Stays, Phil Buckley Stays and Ian's Violin Concerto.

  • Thank you HMS Belfast for giving us the opportunity to do something special for us.BirthdayWe can't wait to go back.

  • Lively retiree Dunoon, who lives in Ardenslate Crescent, celebrated themBirthdayOn Wednesday.

  • I can also create other stationery items to order, e.g. b. birthday,Birthday, commitment, etc. Please contact me for information.

  • Women discuss hiring a male stripper for Bea'sBirthdayParty.

  • The following year began with the tenth meeting of the Society.Birthday, in January 1987.

  • In July 1822, shortly before his thirtieth birthday.Birthday, Shelley drowned in a boating accident.

  • BirthdayList It is important to give greetings and gifts to city dwellersBirthdayto get in your favor.

  • Bertie Harvey ORKNEY VINTAGE CLUB NEWS November 23, 2002 was the 20thBirthdaydes Orkney Vintage Clubs.

  • What would you like to do for yourBirthday?

  • A small gift is enough for our childrenBirthdayParty since he already has a lot of toys.

  • I was desperate to find oneBirthdayBe there 30 minutes before the party starts.

  • the gordon twinsBirthdayThe party was even crazier than he could have imagined.

  • Dean was understandably surprised when his brother returned from college to celebrate his birthday.Birthday.

  • Personalized baby gifts make a great gift option for a baby shower, first Christmas, or even a housewarming.Birthdaygift

  • Your pediatrician may recommend that you avoid certain foods, such as egg whites, peanuts and other tree nuts, as well as citrus fruits and honey, until the baby is born.Birthday.

  • Get baby ideas firstBirthdayHave fun or take a minute to post your own comment or tip on where to find unique baby products or even a review of your baby monitor.

  • similar to aBirthdayParty or any other party, showers can have all kinds of themes, some related to motherhood and some not.

  • You can order a personalized blanket with the baby's name (and sometimes his too).Birthday).

  • Some start as early as 18 months, while others don't start until the third.Birthday.

  • If you'll be seeing baby regularly, why not take pictures during the first year and create a scrapbook to give to your baby for the first time?Birthday?

  • baby is the firstBirthdayyou deserve a special babyBirthdayParty.

  • BirthdayHowever, the holidays don't have to be difficult, so keep the following points in mind.

  • When it comes to perfect planningBirthdayparty, age matters.

  • A good rule of thumb is to invite as many children as is appropriate for their age.BirthdayKind.

  • This can include clowns, magicians, ponies, inflatable slides, etc. While all of these things are certainly fun, they might not be appropriate for a baby.Birthday.

  • do you drinkBirthdaythe party has theBirthdayGuests of honor and guests smile, laugh and have fun, so your party will be a success.

  • Good planning is essential to raising the perfect babyBirthday.

  • The ideal time to plan a babyBirthdayThe party is when you know he's rested and not hungry.

  • With good planning and foresight, you can create the perfectBirthdayfor your baby!

  • Celebrating the first year is a rite of passage and you should plan for the bestBirthdayparty for him

  • Many parents choose to celebrate their baby's first birthday.Birthdayat home, and although it might take a little more work, it's actually a good option.

  • That's why it's a good idea to give your baby a healthy snack or nutritious lunch or dinner before you commit to him.BirthdayPastel.

  • the first babyBirthdayIt is a special event that many people want to celebrate.

  • If you do all the work, how can you enjoy your baby's first days?Birthday?

  • Before you know it, you'll be celebratingBirthdayNumber two!

  • What makes the perfect baby?BirthdayGift?

  • While this isn't always convenient or possible, it can help narrow your options when looking for the perfect baby.Birthdaygift

  • When you just have no idea what to buy for your babyBirthdayask parents for suggestions.

  • When planning your babyBirthdayParty, don't forget it babyBirthdayParty loaded!

  • It's time to plan your babyBirthdayParty.

  • If you're looking for a quick invitation search, you've found it: the printable version of LoveToKnowBirthdayParty loads.

  • these lovesBirthdayParty invitations are easy to make and your little guests will love them.

  • Join the journey to celebrate Zachary's third birthdayBirthday!

  • Why not have a jungle theme for your baby?Birthdayparty charges?

  • On the opposite page, write the following: “Come for a jungle jumpBirthdayParty!"

  • When your baby is celebrating their second or thirdBirthday, you can enjoy an explorer-themed party complete with a scavenger hunt filled with prizes.

  • Inside it says "Join theBirthdayexplorers!"

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  • You want to be able to show your baby their first baby picturesBirthday, Baby's First Christmas and Baby's First Solid Food.

  • As soon as your baby reaches the firstBirthdayyou can switch from breast milk or formula to whole milk.

  • Until your baby reaches his secondBirthday, it will probably be difficult to determine whether you were born prematurely.

  • Until your baby celebrates their second, of course.Birthday, will have a mouth full of teeth.

  • When your child approaches their secondBirthday, you can start by helping her learn to brush her teeth.

  • If your baby doesn't show signs of tooth development until the first timeBirthdayyou should talk to your pediatrician.

  • Although your pediatrician will check your baby's teeth during checkups, you should probably schedule a visit to a pediatric dentist in your area first.Birthday.

  • Baby birthdays are very special, why not create something precious?Birthdaybook for your baby

  • If you're really creative, you might come up with all sorts of ideas for one.Birthdaybaby book!

  • Favorite Photos - Make sure you take photos of everyoneBirthdayGuests, gifts, cake and of course the guest of honour!

  • If you don't feel creative enough to make oneBirthdayBaby book, don't worry!

  • Although you shouldn't give your baby cow's milk until he gets it for the first timeBirthday, you can give him an iron-fortified cow's milk formula, especially if he doesn't breastfeed.

  • Baby support pillows can be used up to the first babyBirthday.

  • Your baby is the first.BirthdayShe is not born yet and is expecting another baby!

  • When she turned 20Birthday, I wonder where the time went.

  • If you need some ideas for your childBirthdayParty, or just want to do some fun activities on a rainy Saturday afternoon, LoveToKnowBaby can help!

  • Babyography: This wonderful gift provides a detailed description of babies.Birthdayand important events that occurred during the year the baby was born.

  • As it grows into its firstBirthday, quickly acquires new skills.

  • Schedule play dates, shopping trips,Birthdayparties etc near your child's naps whenever possible.

  • Free Mania: free formula, diapers, baby food samples, free bib, diaper bag, online resources, coupons, circus tickets,BirthdayFood, sippy cups and magazines can be found on this site.

  • For young children who continue to have the problem after reaching the secondBirthdayhowever, there may not be any noticeable improvement until the age of four.

  • If he spins one, make him mess up the records in his high chairBirthdayPastel.

  • until your secondBirthday, many premature babies follow the "normal" childhood growth curve exactly, and there is no longer any need to worry.

  • Moms across the country thank Julie for giving them the opportunity for the occasional celebratory drink, whether it's Mother's Day, a wedding, or Mother's Day.Birthday, or just a special night out on the town with your loved one.

  • Visite aBirthdayParty theme suggestions and game ideas.

  • Some children show signs of readiness as early as 18 months, while others don't show interest until three months of age.Birthday.

  • NietoBirthdayGift baskets make a great gift option for that special little boy in your life.

  • This includes gifts, of course, so if you know a little boy who will soon be celebrating hisBirthdayFinding the perfect gift doesn't have to be difficult.

  • NietoBirthdayGift baskets make the perfect present simply because you can fill them with items you'll love.Birthdayboy or girl.

  • Parental Appeals: While you'll love that noise, parents are the onesBirthdayThe boy or the girl may think differently.

  • Choosing one of many small childrenBirthdayGiving gift baskets doesn't have to be a chore.

  • Consult a delivery chart to ensure you order your flowers in time to reach the recipient at the time of delivery.Birthday, a holiday or before leaving the hospital.

  • BirthdayGifts can be one of the most difficult purchases, especially for the "woman who has everything" archetype.

  • Of course, there are countless places to shop.BirthdayGifts depending on what the person wants or what you want to give.

  • buying oneBirthdayBeing around can be very stressful, especially when you have no idea what to buy.

  • This gives the guest of honor aBirthdayto remember for years to come.

  • Fine china is often reserved for special occasions such as weddings.Birthdayand birthday menus.

  • Some people like to receive funny cards, especially forBirthday.

  • If you want to buy a birthstone for someone with JulyBirthday, find out what is the birthstone of July.

  • If you have oneBirthday, birthday or any other special date, use the numbers that make up the date on your lottery tickets.

  • There are many types of farmers, and understanding the different types is the first step in choosing the best gifts for a holiday.Birthday, birthday or other special occasions.

  • i call it kittyBirthdayFeast, but you don't need a reason to give your cat a treat.

  • You can also add sweet potatoes to this kitty.BirthdayParties.

  • For even more kittensBirthdayHave fun at the party, have some Caribbean decorations and fishing rod toys, and your cats will have fun!

  • Our "Real Deal" customers will also receive special occasion greeting cards "from their pets" and a special treat made especially for Surprise a pet! will be sent to your petsBirthday.

  • Offer your cat some of theseBirthday, or maybe even serve something on Valentine's Day to show your love.

  • Is your child often invited?Birthdayparties?

  • This monthly gift continues until a child reaches their fifthBirthday.

  • Eventually, Greg's mother confiscates hisBirthdaymoney to pay the bill.

  • After this, Greg is no longer a guest of Rowley's family at the country club and unless Greg invites Rowley into his house.BirthdayParty, the two friends get angry with each other.

  • For example, a disgruntled colleague may know that youBirthday.

  • And youBirthdayis used as a password, that person can easily get that information.

  • In addition to the recipient's name, cards can also have a printed greeting such as "HappyBirthday!" or "Congratulations!"

  • Please note that minors are prohibited from registering the cards so they cannot take full advantage of them.Birthdayor Christmas gifts.

  • There is a wide variety of card designs, including HappyBirthday, congratulations and thank you.

  • There are five different card designs to choose from, including twoBirthdaythemes and two holiday themes.

  • before her 21Birthday, had twice escaped police custody.

  • Mrs. Boldt died suddenly, shortly before his 42nd birthday.Birthday, and George Boldt never returned to the estate.

  • It seems that Pitt, whoseBirthdayhe's been a fan of the unique house built around a waterfall since studying architecture in college.

  • The Theme: No, your room doesn't have to look like it's ready for a kid.BirthdayParty, but keeping a basic theme or decor style in mind will help you narrow down your shopping options and focus your plan.

  • This is especially fun when you have a family.BirthdayCena.

  • Frame pictures of your child playing,BirthdayParty and family gathering to hang on the wall or bedside table.

  • Makeup is not only quick and easy, but it's also a fun hobby that will come in handy for many.BirthdayCelebrations and even Halloween celebrations.

  • Many cards have a specific theme, e.g.Birthday, Christmas or other special events.

  • When you receive a Kohl's Gift Card for yourBirthday, you can visit instead of driving to the store.

  • You might want to write about your wonderful vacation or your child's first vacation.Birthdaycelebrate and don't just show pictures of friends and family.

  • From time to time, a "top dog" will appear to let you know when your pet is nearby.Birthdayearrings and when your pet is sick.

  • It's easy to find freeBirthdaymaps on the internet.

  • Blue Mountain is one of the best sites that offerBirthdaymaps on the internet.

  • They offer dozens ofBirthdayMaps to choose from.

  • Whether talking or singing greetings or a simple "HappyBirthday,” Blue Mountain is the place to visit.

  • Premium subscriptions can also be purchased, which include extras likeBirthdayand reminders for special occasions.

  • They also have one of the biggest free options.Birthdaymaps on the internet.

  • Choose from funny, serious and cute.Birthdaycards, as well as talking and singing cards.

  • They offer hundreds of free ones.Birthday, holidays, get well soon, condolences and many other greeting cards.

  • Their website has a variety of eCards to choose from, including the most popular ones.BirthdayEmail cards, photo cards and scrapbooks.

  • has exactly what the name suggests: dozens of them.BirthdayElectronic cards to choose from.

  • Free eCards Online is a service that offers a variety ofBirthday, birthday, get well soon, thank you, wedding and many other types of greeting cards.

  • NetFunCards is a unique site withBirthdayCards including flashcards, printable cards, eCards and animated greetings.

  • If you have oneBirthday, holiday or graduation, add this season's must-haves to your wish list or order a gift certificate at your favorite store.

  • Hello. I'm 13 and my boyfriendBirthdayIt arrives in less than two weeks and I don't know what to give him!!

  • However, in the 1980s, when heavy metal was the music of the day, Motley Crew's Girls, Girls, Girls video only featured strippers.BirthdayCostumes slipping on dancing poles.

  • My Super Sweet 16 - Be there for every over-the-top detail as the teens celebrate their sixteenth birthdayBirthdaynot style

  • Inuyasha - At fifteenBirthday, Kagome Higurashi falls down a well and finds herself in feudal Japan fighting evil alongside the half-dog demon Inuyasha.

  • looking for celebritiesBirthdayGifts for preteens?

  • and happiness to youBirthdayBuying gifts is now easier.

  • Everyone loves SpongeBob or can quickly become a SpongeBob lover, making this the right buy if you're looking for fame.BirthdayGifts for preteens.

  • Send your best friend a rose one by oneBirthdayor just like that.

  • they are not your boysBirthdayor Christmas, so you don't want to buy anything too big.

  • It's yours?Birthday, graduation, seasonal vacation or just a reward for good grades, it doesn't take a lot of money to make a teenager happy.

  • Poems can also be written in aBirthday, Birthday or Christmas Card to personalize it and make it a special gift to remember.

  • Do you want your boyfriend to forget you?Birthday?

  • You don't always have to buy your friend a gift, make a card to let him know you remember himBirthdayIt's probably a good idea, or at least call them and say "happy".Birthday!"

  • If you are looking for the perfect love quote for aBirthday, birthday or Christmas card, or if you just want to text that special someone to show you care, there are lots of different places to find dates.

  • Teenage love quotes are easy to find with a little research and can help create a...Birthdaycard or many other types of special cards.

  • These types of card offers usually offer a discount on yourBirthdayas well as.

  • AdolescentBirthdayParty ideas can be challenging as they need to appeal to both parents and teens.

  • AdolescentBirthdayParties require more creativity than baby or children's parties, but they also give you more freedom to plan.

  • Once you have a general idea of ​​the type ofBirthdayIs the party you are interested in ready to consider teenagers?BirthdayPartyideen.

  • We've compiled a diverse listBirthdayParty themes for teenagers.

  • And youBirthdayit drops around Halloween, then spawns a haunted house, haunted field, or forest.

  • It also goes well with a hippie theme.BirthdayParty.

  • Make this the focal point of your teen's formalities.BirthdayParty.

  • Girls love to be pampered and this is one of them.BirthdayParty for a Queen.

    (Video) My Birthday || 5 Lines My Birthday || Five Lines on My Birthday
  • have theBirthdayBoy/girl picks three judges.

  • for teenagersBirthdayParties are all about entertainment.

  • Avoid is used by millions of people around the world to celebrate events such as small parties, large gatherings,Birthdayparties and even weddings.

  • You can design your perfect wedding cake by looking at cake websites that offer not only wedding cakes but also retirement cakes.BirthdayCakes and even baby shower cakes.

  • For example, some couples use humor and explain how you'll love him even if he leaves the toilet seat open or thank you when he forgets about you.Birthday.

  • During the traditional roundBirthdayCakes are cut like cakes, round wedding cakes are often divided into several round or ring-shaped pieces that are cut.

  • 40 yearsBirthdayI came and ate my last meal with just a 12-pack of beer, a bottle of wine and a rack of lamb.

  • Some people like to pick a special day likeBirthdaythe birthday

  • Buy this curtain for a childBirthdayor a friend's housewarming party, and it's sure to impress.

  • The bunny is an excellent option for Easter or for theBirthdayfrom a boy who loves animals and is an especially fun design.

  • Commonly found on wedding cakes or birthday cakes, they are also the perfect addition to a baby shower cupcake display.BirthdayParty or tea party.

  • Pour the cupcakes into thin glasses and cover with them.BirthdayCandles, serve them in sundaes with whipped cream and a cherry on top, or stack them on a cupcake stand.

  • Cake molds with themed figures are a necessary cake accessory for making children's cakes.BirthdayOriginal cakes and sweets for special celebrations.

  • These pans are perfect for themed bliss.BirthdayCake or dessert during a bowling game in football season.

  • A monkey cake design is perfect as a pan.Birthdaycake or as part of a jungle or safari themed party.

  • Choose just one from a multitude of creativesBirthdayCake designs are a fun and challenging part of decorating.

  • He can "Birthdaycake ideas" or "Birthdaycake designs" into any internet search engine to get a list of easy to search URLs and image results.

  • All of these titles have step-by-step guides and photo tutorials that show you how to create a variety of fun games.Birthdaycake drawings

  • family funBirthdayCakes, from the editors of FamilyFun Magazine, features some classicsBirthdayCake recipes and many different design ideas.

  • The instructions are clear and simple enough for beginners to follow, and kids can even help create their own.BirthdayCake with some of the simplest ideas.

  • CollectionsBirthdayFrom acclaimed pastry chef and decorator Colette Peters, Cakes includes nearly a dozen recipes and a wide range of truly creative designs for classic, elegant dishes.BirthdayPastel.

  • Cakes to Inspire and Desire by Lindy Smith shows you how to make cakes suitable for the fanciest or the most idiotic.BirthdayParty, for adults or children.

  • always keep thoseBirthdayKeep the celebrant in mind when decorating.

  • If you know a child or adult who is fascinated by insects, a ladybugBirthdayThe cake can be the perfect design for your special day.

  • a round ladybugBirthdayThe cake design is one of the easiest cakes to make and great for budding decorators.

  • make a domed ladybugBirthdayThe cake is a little more challenging than making a round ladybug cake, so it's good for the beginner or intermediate decorator.

  • Use a baking sheet or half-concave shape to bakeBirthdayPastel.

  • If you are making a cake with a lot of detail, keep in mind that you will have to allow enough time to decorate and finish everything piecemeal before it is time for the cake.BirthdayParty.

  • one over the hillBirthdayCake is a great option for anyone with a sense of humor about the future.Birthday.

  • Use cake over the hill instead of the typical 40 or 50.BirthdayPastel.

  • In the center of the body outline, write theBirthdayMore "youth" boy names after them.

  • Just make sure there's one over the hill orBirthdayMessage anywhere on the design you want to create.

  • by ColinBirthdayCakes don't always have to have a horrible death theme.

  • Use others insteadBirthdayCake ideas that show aging in an ironic way.

  • get oneBirthdayCakes with figures carved out of fondant that represent stereotypical things that older people use, need, or do.

  • channel theBirthdayMessage the cake on top of the cake for her to find the sand on top of the cake and find the bottom half of the hourglass.

  • Scroll through a variety of 40BirthdayCake Designs are a fun way to narrow down the options for a friend or family member.Birthday.

  • There are no hard and fast rules to follow when considering 40.Birthdaycake designs, but it's a good idea to keep themBirthdaytake into account a person's tastes and preferences.

  • Some of the simplestBirthdayCake designs also look more professional and polished.

  • Decorate the cake with fondant figures or a homemade 40, individually designed.BirthdayTapa.

  • Secure with additional icing and glaze in aBirthdayfinal message.

  • There are few better ways to celebrate important birthdays than with a dramatic and creative 50th birthday.BirthdayPastel!

  • Create a custom design, add details and flourishes, and customize the final productBirthdayA person's character.

  • a classicBirthdayNumber cake involves carving digits into a large, flat, rectangular cake.

  • Meanwhile, make fun of your friend or family member.BirthdayCelebration.

  • many possible 50BirthdayCake designs can highlight a person's age.

  • Use your cake to highlight a 50th themeBirthdayparty or a special aspect of your friend's personality.

  • ABirthdayCake is also an ideal platform to showcase a friend's unique hobbies and interests.

  • And theBirthdayan avid bridge player?

  • In the end, you will be given a unique cake and you will help to prepare it.BirthdayFeast a real cause to remember.

  • A High School Musical Cake Is PerfectBirthdayCake for the teen in your life.

  • While many people resist 40, almost no one turns their nose up at 40BirthdayPastel.

  • e 40BirthdayThe cake can be simple or elaborate, but it becomes special when it reflects or expresses whatBirthdaycelebrant's personality.

  • HeBirthdayCake design can be simple or complex for someone's 40th birthday celebration.

  • try to fit 40BirthdayCandles around the cake in a fun design and take a picture of itBirthdayperson as he or she blows on them.

  • think about themBirthdaypersonality of the celebrant while preparing the cake.

  • For true Sesame Street fans, there's nothing better than an Elmo.BirthdayPastel.

  • One of the easiest ways to make an Elmo.BirthdayThe cake is to use an Elmo mold and decorate according to the mold instructions.

  • This makes a fun cake for kids anytime.BirthdayParty.

  • Cupcake cakes are especially good for kids.BirthdayParties because they make serving and cleaning easy, but with the right icing designs, they can work for fancier occasions too.

  • Easter egg cupcakes can be colorful and pretty to match something as simple as a child's cake.BirthdayBash or as elegant as a sophisticated spring dinner party.

  • He claims that his father considered music a waste of time and only allowed obligatory entertainment.Birthdayand occasionally Silent Night.

  • B'Day, their follow-up album, is scheduled for a US release on September 5, 2006, to coincide with their 25th anniversary.Birthday.

  • In fact, Navi impressed the man so much that Jackson personally invited him to perform at his 43rd show.BirthdayShow.

  • Lindsay started on a sour note on Friday, September 15th by having a very public argument with her mother, who is also her manager, at her mother's house.BirthdayParty.

  • Many stars will add another candle to theirs.Birthdaycake this month

  • Steve was born to his mother.Birthday.

  • Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon met on her 21st birthdayBirthdayParty after being introduced by a mutual friend.

  • in your 21BirthdayParty In 1997, Reese Witherspoon met actor Ryan Phillippe.

  • The couple welcomed their first child, Emmitt Smith IV, to EmmittBirthdayem 2002.

  • Patrick Dempsey, whoseBirthdayIt's January 13, 1966, he started out as a teen movie heartthrob.

  • Check the list to see if any of these celebs share yours.Birthday, or from friends and family.

  • The couple met friends 15 years after graduating from high school.BirthdayParty and dated for less than a year.

  • in his fourteenthBirthday, signed for the Manchester United youth training scheme, representing Essex Schools.

  • Celebrate your favorite starBirthdaythis month?

  • Lauren Conrad kicks off February with aBirthdayon the first day of the month.

  • Ben proposed to Jennifer on her 33rd birthdayBirthdayand they got married on June 25, 2005.

  • As this is "lucky month for the Irish", see if you are lucky enough to share one.Birthdaywith a superstar

  • Jesse McCartney Did More Before He Turned 20Birthdaythan some celebrities in their entire lives.

  • Ben Affleck was so in love with Jen that on her 33rd birthday, sheBirthday, gave her a 4.5-carat diamond engagement ring from famous jeweler Harry Winston.

  • Paris Hilton doesn't do much without fanfare, so why should she?Birthdayparty be different?

  • Paris'BirthdayCelebration follows the recent arrest of his younger brother Barron for drunk driving.

  • Patterson proposed to Carmen as the two celebrated their 36th birthday in Las VegasBirthday.

  • Nick Hogan celebrated his 18th birthdayBirthdayin prison earlier this year while serving his eight-month sentence for the car accident that left his friend John Grazziano seriously and permanently injured.

  • Though parents Linda and Terry "The Hulk" Hogan are in the midst of a contentious and bitter divorce, they're ditching their boxing gloves to make one.BirthdayVideo for your son and visit him in prison.

  • Kim celebrated her 14th birthdayBirthdayno Rancho Neverland de Michael Jackson.

  • Green wanted Megan to go with him to aBirthdayLas Vegas party and she turned it down.

  • It was during the auditions for that show that they were happening on it.Birthday, who met her current best friend, fellow actress and singer Demi Lovato, who has been a regular on the show.

  • Charlie Sheen - The actor allegedly tipped each employee $200 after his daughterBirthdayParty.

  • waterproofBirthdayShe partied in 2004 and did some serious red carpet stuff.

  • Bullock took his young nephew to meet JamesBirthdaySurprise since her nephew was a huge fan.

  • While doesn't feature celebritiesBirthdayList, they have a great alphabetical celebrity directory.

  • It can be fun to see which celebrities have the same thing.Birthdaythan your own or that of friends and relatives.

  • Some fans also like to send cards with their favorite stars.Birthday, so in this case it is always a good idea to confirm the data with several different sources.

  • ChildBirthdayThis is a great opportunity to purchase a personalized gift or purchase a special monogrammed dress or garment to wear with them.BirthdayParty.

  • This monogrammed boyBirthdayClothing is an option.

  • Sundresses are great gifts for a newborn baby or for a girl.Birthday.

  • If she attendsBirthday, wedding, party or bat mitzvah, your mini fashionista wants to stand out in the cutest party dresses for girls.

  • For example, if your daughter plans to attend an outdoor eventBirthdayWith games and dancing, you don't want her to be limited to a long, form-fitting dress with intricate embroidery that restricts her movements.

  • These dresses can be worn right through to the summer months.BirthdayParties and weddings, so parents get their money's worth with every outfit they buy.

  • A fun activity for a sleepover orBirthdayThe collection is a "make your own shirt" table.

  • If you're tired of walking down the toy store aisle every time your daughter is invited to aBirthdayParty, encourage them to create a unique gift.

  • Your daughter will appreciate taking the time to do something special, and thatBirthdayGirls will probably love the personal touch.

    (Video) 'Birthday' - How to Pronounced and used in a Sentence
  • As they reach adolescence, girls become even more conscious of their appearance and want to look good for school, church youth groups,Birthdayparties, and somewhere else they meet other girls their age.

  • Whether it's a sticker or a tote bag, anything personalized with your own name or special initials is sure to be a hit next Christmas orBirthdaygift

  • Perfect for elementary and pre-teens, your child will love shopping here and if you're looking for aBirthdayGift for the little girl in your life, you can't go wrong with Justice.

  • These are great forBirthdayParties, evenings and of course for a professional portrait session.

  • A casual and easy way to announce a special day is with a "BirthdayGirl t-shirt.

  • Traditionally, girls take advantage of the opportunity offered to themBirthdayto wear a party dress.

  • It's herBirthday, she can do whatever she wants.

  • A cute t-shirt that proclaims it.BirthdayGirls, whether with those words or with the image of a cake, it goes well with your usual jeans.

  • So you can ride however you want and not have to worry about anything getting dirty, as it should be in aBirthday!

  • BirthdayT-shirts for girls range from those with text and pictures or embellished with ribbons and embellishments.

  • They have shirts that fit a first to a quarterBirthdayand most of them can be customized if you want.

  • a simpleBirthdayYou can find t-shirts for girls at Best Dressed Child.

  • It features a cartoon blonde with a cake, balloons and presents saying, "I'm him".BirthdayChica."

  • You can get a shirt in any color with the number that represents it.Birthdaythe girl's age stamped in rhinestones.

  • There are many stores that offer personalized items.BirthdayT-shirts for girls.

  • You can buy from Cookie Baby Inc. They offer basic color designs that say "It's my firstBirthday” or “It's our 1Birthday"For twins.

  • of reason"BirthdayGirl" up to and including age and even a colorful cupcake - you can have a T-shirt that really shines.

  • Green kids and parents can have a big problem with aBirthdayT-shirt with so many designs that your child can only wear it once.

  • The most common occasions that call for a more extravagant boy's dress are Christmas, Easter, weddings, etc.Birthdayparties.

  • Many customers add a child's name to an outfit, but you can also write a message for a special occasion like a birthday. B. "HappyBirthday, Sara!'.

  • The typical children's gameBirthdayThe event is no longer defined as a formal occasion: such attention to proper attire marks a forgotten era.

  • the party is lateBirthdayIs the event or party in question a bar mitzvah?

  • If your daughter is on her way to aBirthdayParty, your dress will no doubt experience some wear and tear and possible food stains.

  • BirthdayParty girls can even wear a fancy dress for a special occasion.Birthdayparty or tea

  • BirthdayHoliday parties call for different colors and types of clothing, while Christmas parties call for a completely different clothing theme.

  • BirthdayParties tend to be light evening events, which means your child's outfit should be bright or pastel and accessorized with playful ruffled designs.

  • kids are weirdBirthdayEvening events, as most children are tired and go to bed.

  • Party dresses are often a little too dark and rich for the average night out.BirthdayCair.

  • Once again,BirthdayDresses should feature more upbeat ruffled designs, while occasion dresses, while sometimes frilly, should be a bit more serious in their colors.

  • not howBirthdayand party dresses, parties geared toward taller or darker themes call for a dress code with less frills, fewer prints, and more solid colors and linear designs.

  • If a young woman is planning to attend aBirthdayParty or wedding reception, choosing the right dress is important.

  • Shopping for young childrenBirthdayClothes are one of the hilarious joys of parenthood.

  • NietoBirthdayDresses are often a fun purchase.

  • They don't have to be fancy or particularly chic, just dresses that are comically embellished and have an awful lot of "poof!" fall into the almost stereotypical baby categoryBirthdayparty clothes

  • Any kind of style or color combination that can up the cuteness factor will be a surefire asset to the occasion, whether it's your childBirthdayGirl or just a guest at someone else's party.

  • Most department stores have some kind of cute baby dress that can suit you.BirthdayChance.

  • Shoddy dresses can still be cute, but if your family goes to severalBirthdayparties for a short period of time, your baby's dress should withstand multiple washes.

  • Department stores like JCPenney, Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks and Neiman Marcus almost always have several styles to suit you.BirthdayParty.

  • Buying a dress from a trusted, luxury brand is often the choice of parents who want to buy a memorable dress for their child's first or second child.Birthday.

  • You can almost always find the perfect one.BirthdayDress among the latest Copenhagen collections.

  • what exactly aBirthdayprom dress other special occasion dresses?

  • Bright colors, bright colors, crinolines, hoop skirts and generally cheerful schemes and designs make aBirthdayDifferent dress from party dresses or formal evening dresses.

  • ideally your childBirthdayThe outfit should be as lively as the occasion.

  • Casual clothes can also be used for school photo day,Birthdayparties and other events.

  • With Easter dresses on sale, you might want to buy one for the next one.Birthdayparty or wedding

  • Do you want to celebrateBirthday, birthday or you just want to live it with like-minded people; A festive cruise on the high seas might be just what you need to feel like a kid again.

  • Dog Biscuits Aren't Just for RoversBirthday.

  • They can take great pictures of your dog enjoying one and they also make great party favors for your next dog.BirthdayParty.

  • In the past I've talked about investigating the idea of ​​having aBirthdayParty for your dog, or even a baby shower for a new pup, welcoming him into the family.

  • It is also a great gift for a hostess, a dog.Birthdaygift or even a treat for a doggie party.

  • Otto left this world just under a month short of his 21st birthday.Birthday.

  • Your dog will need a parvovirus booster shot when he gets his firstBirthday, and subsequent booster shots every one to three years, depending on the veterinarian's advice.

  • For some kids, getting an ear piercing might be an appropriate opportunity to get an adult jewelry box, while for others it might be a perfect 16th birthday present.Birthdayno moment.

  • They are especially suitable asBirthdayGifts, but can be given for any occasion, including Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, Mother's Day, Graduation Day, and any other occasion that calls for a special gift.

  • Another option is to buy cheaper rings and replace the ring with one every year or two.Birthdayor Christmas present.

  • Birth spells became very popular especially when you shared yoursBirthdaywith a Celtic hero of legend or the feast day of a specific deity.

  • However, high cross necklaces should not only be given to commemorate religious milestones, they can also be an excellent Christmas celebration.BirthdayThe included gifts of San Valentin.

  • They are perfect for religious occasions like First Communion or Confirmation, but can also be given as gifts.BirthdayGifts, Christmas gifts or simply to say "I love you".

  • You can commemorate religious milestones like Confirmation by presenting a silver Celtic cross ring, or gift or gift them at Christmas.BirthdayGifts.

  • Can be given as a gift on Mother's Day, at grandma's houseBirthday, or on vacation.

  • Whether the occasion is Valentine's Day, aBirthday, Mother's Day or birthday, a crystal heart box is one that will be treasured and cherished for years to come.

  • It is also a sentimental and memorable gift for any special woman on Valentine's Day, aBirthdaythe birthday

  • The original style ring is often given as a beautiful and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day.Birthday, or to celebrate the birth of a child.

  • This could include "Nana" jewelry for special grandparents, marking the birth of each of their grandchildren, or maternity jewelry such as rings, pendants or a stone bracelet commemorating each child's birth.Birthday.

  • People born in this month, therefore, have this special stone to mark theirs.Birthday.

  • EspecialBirthday- a specialBirthdayIt can be marked with a bracelet made of beads or pandora beads.

  • A special type of jewelry is made with birthstones that represent thisBirthdayyour nearest and dearest.

  • Each person is marked with a stone that represents him.Birthdayand this forms a jewel full of meaning.

  • Any link would represent that.Birthdayfor someone very special.

  • Many people like amulets that have a special meaning, such as B. those that representBirthdayof a loved one or a birthday.

  • Mother's birthstone bracelets are a popular choice, featuring a small gemstone that represents that of a child.Birthdayembedded in the bracelet.

  • This can be a markerBirthday, birthday, retirement or many other occasions.

  • make a bigBirthdayGift or can be a shared gift for some other special occasion like a wedding. B. a graduation party.

  • A birthstone locket is wonderful.Birthdaythe baby gift.

  • Don't feel limited to just giving a birthstone locket as a gift.Birthdayor Mother's Day gift.

  • A heart-shaped jewelry box makes Valentine's Day even more specialBirthdaygift

  • Men, who preferred them, used to wear them on ceremonial occasions like weddings.Birthdayparties or dances

  • They don't have to be for a special occasion like a wedding.Birthdayo Anniversary – Every time you get the chance to wear a black tie is a special occasion, so treat it as such to make the night wonderful for you and your date.

  • That's good news if you're thinking of buying a pair of flip flops, for example, as a Father's Day gift orBirthdayno moment.

  • If you're looking for an organic meat gift for the holidays, oneBirthday, or any other occasion, there is a wide range of products.

  • When you think of an Easter dress, you probably think of something that looks like a little girl's dress.BirthdayPastel: lots of light pink, lace and ruffles.

  • After spending $250 you will receive exclusive event invites, a gift for youBirthdayand 5% off all purchases for one year.

  • Shipping is free for qualifying orders, and if you sign up to receive their emails, you'll receive a special offer.BirthdaySurprise.

  • Turning 50 is an important milestone, and 50BirthdayCake images can help you choose the perfect cake.

  • that makesBirthdayrepresented toBirthdayboy or girl?

  • You don't have to wait for a special occasion.BirthdayCelebration to send a gift to your elderly loved ones.

  • Or how about the jokes about having the fire extinguisher handy when your candles are burning?BirthdayPastel?

  • for 50BirthdayThe party can be made fun by sharing old age jokes.

  • You know you're 50 when all you want for yourBirthdayhe is not reminded of his age.

  • Birthdayand Christmas Parties: The planning and preparation of Christmas parties should involve residents whenever possible.

  • Have you ever tried to findBirthdayGifts for seniors and don't know what to give?

  • Sometimes it seems to find the right wayBirthdayThe gift for elderly grandparents, elderly relatives and friends is almost impossible.

  • You want your gift to be meaningful and show your loved one how much they mean to you, but in many cases there just seems to be nothing special about it.Birthdayperson needs or wants.

  • If your loved one likes to play cards but is visually impaired or has trouble holding cards due to arthritis or limited manual dexterity, card holders, a shuffler, and large-print playing cards are great.BirthdayGifts.

  • If you donate your time thenBirthdayGifts for seniors or loved ones of all ages, you are also treating yourself by creating a special keepsake of the two of you together.

  • It is always possible to win free tickets as a Christmas present, yourBirthday, or another occasion.

  • school trips, meetings,BirthdayParties, meetings, and other events are often discounted if you have enough people.

  • There's no better way to celebrate aging in 2009 than with Disney FreeBirthdayAdmission funding.

  • enjoy your happinessBirthdayin the happiest place on earth with this free festival giveaway.

  • From January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009, anyone can get a free ticket to their favorite Disney theme park, but only for themselves.Birthday.

  • redeem freeBirthdayOffer of admission, guests must register online with theirBirthday(Online registration is not required to redeem offer at Disney Parks Florida.)

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What is a good sentence for birthday? ›

Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. Happy birthday!” “Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!” “Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires!

How do you use birthday party in a sentence? ›

Meaning of birthday party in English

My children threw a birthday party for me. Here are some easy birthday party games for kids! He threw a surprise birthday party for his wife Elizabeth last week. This year Matthew had his first real birthday party and got invited to a friend's house in return.

How can I use make in a sentence? ›

[M] [T] I'm going to make a cake for Mary's birthday. [M] [T] He tried to make his wife happy, but couldn't. [M] [T] I asked her to make four copies of the letter. [M] [T] I checked to make sure that he was still alive.

What can I say instead of happy birthday? ›

How to Say Happy Birthday 50 Different Ways
  • You sustained one more year. Congrats!
  • I wish you a happier birthday than anyone else has wished you.
  • Didn't we just celebrate this like a year ago?
  • Happy birthday, champ.
  • Don't count the candles, enjoy your day.
  • Happy you day.
  • Age is just a number.
  • I'm glad you were born.
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