Tuition and Financial Aid - All Girls Private School | Our Lady of Mercy (2023)

A Mercy education is truly life-changing, and a Mercy education is an investment in your daughter's future. Mercy is able to keep tuition affordable thanks to our generous donors: alumni, family, and friends. Her contributions help close the gap between the actual cost of a Mercy education and the tuition we charge.saves each parent thousands of dollars per student.

Tuition Fees 2023-2024

• Class 6: $10,445
• Grades 7-8: $13,505
• Grades 9-11: $14,560
• 12th grade: $14,900

Grant FAQs

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Mercy offers merit-based scholarships, need-based assistance, and a multiple enrollment incentive. Students wishing to be considered for merit scholarships must have submitted and completed all Mercy admissions materials by February 28. Students must also take the entrance exam before the published date in February. Scholarship applications can be made in January for the following academic year. It is strongly recommended that financial assistance applications be submitted by March 1st. Applications will be accepted after this date; However, we cannot guarantee that the funds will be available.

Mercy makes scholarship and grant decisions separately from admissions decisions. Therefore, scholarships and financial aid will only be awarded after the student has been accepted to Mercy and will be communicated in a separate correspondence.

pedagogical support

Mercy's Needs-Based Student Assistance Program is available to assist families who may not be able to meet full study commitments. Our financial support process examines each family's individual circumstances and considers many factors – not just income. While financial support varies from family to family, the average level of support for high school families is $3,000. the average subsidy given to high school students is $4,100. Financial support is awarded annually; Families must reapply each year.

Mercy does not provide financial assistance until the student has been accepted through the admissions process. Financial aid decisions are made on an ongoing basis after a student is accepted to Mercy and the family's financial aid application is completed. Scholarship awards contain an acceptance period; A family must register their daughter with Mercy in a timely manner, or she will lose the benefit.

Grant applications for the upcoming school year will be available beginning January 16, 2023 and will be accepted until the start of school. Mercy encourages all families to complete the Support Application by March 1, 2023. Applications submitted after this date will be reviewed and considered, but there is no guarantee that funds will be available. Financial assistance applications are submitted through the FACTS website. Create your account hereHere.When setting up an account, you can select Mercy as your preferred school.

Financial Assistance applications will only be considered if circumstances have significantly changed (job loss, unexpected medical expenses, etc.) since the Financial Assistance application was closed. Appeals must be made in writing to Ms. Peggy Kenrick, Vice President of Finance, Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610, contact Ms. Kenrick directly at 585-288-7120 x307 or pkenrick@merchshs. with.

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Do you have more questions? ClickHerefor some frequently asked questions about financial assistance.

additional allowance daughter

Mercy offers aInstructionAdvantage for families with more than one daughter enrolled in school. Each family with more than one student enrolledfor mercyreceive a $500 credittuition feesalladditional student(S).No grant application is required for this benefit.

academic scholarships

Various partial academic scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate exceptional academic ability early in their Mercy experience. Students wishing to be considered for academic scholarships must complete the entrance exam before the scheduled date in February and submit all admission application materials to Mercy by February 28.

McAuley High School Scholarshipsawards of up to $500 per year for high school students (grades 6-8) and the award continues throughout the students' high school years. Scholars are selected based on the result of the class-specific entrance exam.

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Increase in 9th grade academic scholarshipsare awarded through an invitation-only scholarship application. Invitations are based on the student's entrance exam results and, in some cases, certain scholarship criteria. These scholarships award the student $500/year for four years for a total of $2,000. Based on GPA, current eighth grade Mercy students may be invited to apply for the scholarship and be considered for these awards if they enter ninth grade.

  • Schwester Mary Francesca Alumnae-Stipendium
  • William J. Stoltz-Stipendium
  • Presidential Bag
  • Circle of Mercy-Stipend
Scholarships for Emerging Leaders

Mercy is proud to recognize a commitment to leadership and foster the development of leadership skills in our students. Emerging Leadership Scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated leadership ability and have the potential to become leaders at Mercy. Each scholarship is a one-year award of $1,000 to be used toward the student's first year of study at Mercy.

Close record limit:February 28th

Notifications:Winners will be notified by March 31. All completed applications will be reviewed by a Faculty and Staff Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship Application Overview:

Applying for an Emerging Leaders Scholarship consists of two parts:

  • student essay
    • Check mercy carefullygraduate profile. Select a profile property that you like. In an essay of at least five paragraphs:
      • Using specific examples, describe how you demonstrated and/or developed this trait.
      • Explain why you think this quality is important for leadership.
      • Share how you think Mercy will help you develop this trait.
    • Successful trials will fully address allthreeinstructions described above.
    • Essays are scored based on the essay rubric foundHere. Essays are scored on meaning, idea generation, organization, language usage, and language conventions.
  • Letter of recommendation: one (1) is required
    • Recommendation letters must be from a non-family member. Successful referrals will come from someone who can speak to your leadership skills.
    • All references must be submitted online. Recommendations should be made in this form.
      • All references must be submitted through this link. Let your referrer know so they can complete the submission.
    • Only one application recommendation is required. Additional recommendation submissions are optional.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all materials are submitted and that the grant application is completed on time. This includes making sure the scholarship recommendation letter is submitted by February 28.

Other requirements:


  • Students must take the Mercy entrance exam on their scheduled test date in November, December, or February.
  • All admission documentation for the student's admission file must be submitted before February 28. The admission application requirements can be consultedHere.

Shipping process:

Application essays may be sent to Stephanie Wallace, Director of Enrollment Management, Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women, 1437 Blossom Road, Rochester, NY 14610. Make sure your daughter's name is clearly included on the submission.

A completed application can also be emailed Include "Emerging Leaders Scholarship" in the subject line.

Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to requests to check application status or to verify that applications are complete.

If you have any questions about the executive candidate application process, please contact Stephanie Wallace atswallace@mercyhs.como 585-288-7120 ext. 310

Leadership Scholarships (Current Students)

A variety of Leadership Scholarships are awarded annually to current students based on faculty nominations and board review.

  • Colleen Harrington-Estipendio:for students in grades 8-12 ($500 each for one year only).
  • Estipendio Sue-Clifford-Alvut:for students in grades 6-8 (only $2,500 for one year).
Joint/Third Party Grants
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Students applying to Our Lady of Mercy can take advantage of scholarship opportunities offered by organizations in the greater Rochester area. EITHERRochester Area Community Foundationoffers many scholarship opportunities for middle and high school students. Residents of the Diocese of Rochester may apply for the Reddington Scholarship along withNational Bank of Canandaigua. children of caregiversParish of Santa AnaYou may be eligible for scholarships directly from St. de Ana.Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia is not affiliated with the organizations listed and is not involved in awarding or making decisions related to third-party or community donations.


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