The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (2023)

That"We live in society"The meme is part of an internet culture of die-hard bullshit that only makes sense from the inside out.

That"We live in society"The memes you may (or TBH, you may not) have seen floating around on timelines and in comment sections of the web have such a complicated history that 30 years from now we'll probably see the meme as the highlight of the book of 2015 text dissected -2020 Internet ethics.

The Internet has a habit of folding in on itself. And how humor is growing onlineincreasingly nuanced and strange, can be difficult for mere mortals to understand. With stereotypes born in the depths of the web and unlocked in the analog world, watching a meme can become an Internet history lesson itself. So for today's lesson, here's everything you need to know about them."We live in society"meme

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What is"We live in society"¿Memes?

usually the"We live in society"The meme is associated withthe jester, either with the character itself or by editing others to resemble the man with green hair and red lips.

If you're not familiar with this meme, or have just accepted that you probably aren't deep enough on the internet to get it, don't worry, that's what its appeal is all about..."I don't understand the meme"If you want.

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The meme is filed under the genre of absurd memes, a type of meme that, on the surface, is completely absurd unless you have a strong and weirdly specific catalog of internet wit.

It is similar to Society If Meme, Did You Know Meme, You Live Meme, Get Real Meme, E Meme, Come on Man Meme and I See You Meme. In one way or another, each uses absurd humor to trigger existential angst, speculating on "society" if things were to change.

Millennial and zoomer humor is a lot of meme-style jokes: silly and dadaist stuff and also a lot of jokes about mental health and nihilism.

— DoktorDare ~Pesadelo Demoníaco Depressivo Enby~ (@DaringEmber)October 24, 2020

Then where"We live in society"Are the memes coming? The earliest trace of its origins can be found on the Hong Kong meme site April 2015🇧🇷 This in the form of a Joker image macro accompanied by the caption:"When the nice guy loses his temper(I see)/ the devil trembles.”

This particular meme struck gold for a number of reasons. first everything"good guys finish last"The player/incel superiority complex has been a running joke in the 9gag comments. Much like the "Get a load from this company" meme, the meme breaks into the nerdy misogyny that is common in brocialist circles.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (3)

This meme is pure sarcasm - he channels the joker to symbolize above average IQ and then misspells it"patience".The joke wrote itself. As of a few months ago, the meme had amassed over 38,600 points and 520 comments on 9gag, with much of the engagement fueled by tongue-in-cheek trolls who wanted to make sure this meme became the quintessential meme site.

The DC supervillain has been linked to the identity of the player and following the release ofThe dark knightIn 2008, it became a kind of flagship for an entire incel community.

We live in a society where an educated man marries an uneducated woman, but an educated woman does not marry an uneducated man 👍

— .🦅 (@Bil_Bichur)October 20, 2020

His constituents revered the Joker, believing that they too embodied the misunderstood and highly intelligent social outcast driven to villainy by society's amorality. In a world where it's impossible to keep up, good girls chase handsome boys, and beards have no friends. However, they were not excluded from society, rather they refused to be a part of society.

"¡Trump 2020!"
*10,000 insults and even death threats*

"I bought a whole house just because I blew up my body!*
*10,000 likes and thousands of comments praising your bravery*

We live in a

– Mr. Tboy (@MTboii3)October 1, 2020

However, as the meme spread to other online spaces, the line became"We live in society"- originally intended as an enlightening statement denouncing the many errors and contradictions in society - became a satire.

Users on sites like4chan, Reddit, and Facebook Shit Post Groupsmocked the "woke" vibe of the original meme and cut out most of the accompanying text and reposted it with the succinct tagline. At one point, he even spilled his"We live in society"Quote and can now appear in different forms from the original, such as:"Get a load from this company."

Everything happens a lot. because we live in a

– Theo Kardasis (@theokardasis)July 30, 2019

In this way, if you think about it, the meme represents an echo chamber of mockery, with two facets of society constantly pointing at each other.

tatSeinfeldpredict the"We live in society"¿Memes?

On May 23, 1991, NBC first airedchinese restaurant,the eleventh episode of a failed second season ofSeinfeld🇧🇷 In the episode, the three characters, Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes and George Costanza, wait for a table in a Chinese restaurant. Is that. That's the entire plot of the 23-minute episode. The audience watches in real time while the characters simply wait.

The episode finally ends with the characters leaving before sitting down because they don't want to sit still anymore. It is now considered one of the biggest and most iconic episodes of the radical and revolutionary '90s comedy series.

The "Seinfeld" episode "The Chinese Restaurant" is one of the most perfect comedy lines of all time. 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

— Jared C. Wilson (@jaredcwilson)August 1, 2014

When the second season ofSeinfeldaired, it went to mostly disinterested viewers. The episodes received a lukewarm response from the public, a confused network, and declining ratings. Unlike his contemporariesSeinfeldit took the humor out of the more mundane activities and interactions. He did not invent conflicts or elaborate climaxes. Instead, he proudly received a slogan like"The Program About Nothing".

26 years later, the Chinese restaurant episode of Seinfeld still bothers me.

— Jon Acuff (@JonAcuff)June 24, 2017

Finally,Seinfeldit aired for six more seasons, reached an audience of 76 million viewers, and grossed $3 billion. Today how to run jokes"yada yada yada", "master of your domain",mi "Not soup for you"they still thrive today in the cultural spirit of the 21st century.

But outside of mainstream popular cultureSeinfeldhe remains a prophet for the surreal memescape of 4chan and Reddit, having predicted trends toward joke recontextualization and gender subversion, as well as a marked departure from elitist media forms and traditional storytelling. In that way, the show would set the precedent for everything over nothing.

Needless to say, popular culture is distributed and consumed much differently today than it was in the 1990s.Seinfeldinitially seemed to stumble at a time when comedies were going downhillFull house,Married with children,and of course fremy network,Friends,they were set in a landscape that was still in the vein of 1970s sitcoms: the plots were designed along the lines of relatable and accessible post-war television, with familiar characters in familiar settings designed for an occasional weekly audience .

Seinfeld, on the other hand, was a sitcom destined for a drunken era. With characters constantly making smiley references to past jokes, it rewarded viewers for sticking with the sinking ship. The creatorlarry davidthere was a golden rule for thatSeinfeldAuthors:"No hugging, no studying."He has pushed the boundaries and always strives to test audiences with controversial storylines, such as trying to abstain from masturbation, or the season four meta-episode arc that finds Jerry and George taking over their lives as one. NBC sitcom. It was a show for his cult following and tried or failed to appeal to the masses.

Platforms like TikTok, 4chan andRedditthrive on that same consciousness of exclusive community and so onseinfeld,it can be difficult to penetrate them from the outside. Think about the different “sides” oftag thank youBasically the idea that the algorithm will direct users to different subsets of TikTok content, and if you like certain clips, your timeline will be flooded with similar posts.

When the developers discovered that the app was organizing the "For You" page in this way, they deliberately toyed with the idea, either by using a genre of TikTok nonsense beans (which were basically 15-second edits of nonsense beans on a can) or Jason Daniel created the Earles TikTok page (which featured clips dedicated to the on-screen appreciation of Miley Cyrus' brother, 43, on the now-defunct Disney original series, Hannah Montana).

It was exciting to see if I could break into the niche community and to know that your contribution could mean these nonsensical TikToks could make it to a humble user's timeline. Isolated and taken out of context, these edits aren't particularly fun. But when it exists within a cultural consciousness in which everyone but outsiders gets the joke, then humor is found in its uncompromising absurdity.

We live in a society
-Jesus somewhere in the bible

— Enrique #Henry2020 (@HenryDaWhiteboy)October 16, 2020

It can be hard to deconstruct the surreal meme genre, just as it's hard for audiences to resonate with an episode about waiting and leaving a Chinese restaurant. Both are aware of her insignificance and both absorb her.

"THE CHINESE RESTAURANT" (Seinfeld S02E11) "holds up to nearly three decades, despite falling into the perennial designation of Seinfeld Episodes," which could only have been resolved with a cell

– Catch Magazine (@PasteMagazine)May 11, 2020

Although somewhat controversial, it is believed that the expression"We live in society"was chosen based on the abovethe chinese restaurantResult ofSeinfeld, where George channels his own hyper-macho superiority complex to hypocritically discuss the injustices of the episode's payphone policy and, ultimately, the world's wrongs. Furious, with clenched fists, he yells: "We live in a society!”

Costanza is still angry and complaining, just like the incel players on 9gag."Has anyone ever shown the slightest sensitivity to another person's problems? No!" 🇧🇷only to immediately back off and change his tune when the stranger apologizes for the extensive use of the pay phone. Instantly, George snaps out of this Edge Lord fantasy and returns to his weak character, who is by no means the macho man he appeared to be.

(I still quote it right off the bat as a Seinfeld quote, "the chinese restaurant" was too ftw)

- klonoa harris (@wolicyponk)October 27, 2020

While it is debatable that this clip is just a coincidence and not related to the true origins of the"We live in society"mi "company yes"safe memeSeinfeldHe polished up the tools of the trade we see on 4chan and Reddit memescapes. Driven by irony and subversion of form, these memes are not unlike HowSeinfeldtook the sitcom and pulled a prank by forcing the audience to wait 23 minutes for an available table at a Chinese restaurant.

In fact, we lived in a society before Seinfeld.

— THI5 RY YA HOE MI55IN (@BigMusclesHaver)September 5, 2019

SeinfeldMemes, like silly memes, never try to pretend they have the answers or greater meaning. Really,SeinfeldHe actively opposed this position. He never tries to be more than what's going on with his characters at any given time, much like the humble"We live in society"meme

If we can take any of that with us, then only one thing is for sure. There is a society... and we live in it.

Relaxing in a Chinese restaurant and a man literally says without irony in conversation: "We live in a society." The memes converge. The end is near.

– Logan Rapist (@AHorseNamedDude)July 19, 2018

Wait a minute, Zack Snyder really put that meme upLeague of Justice?!

Yes, and the Internet has gone crazy. After the dramatic music, intense narration, and fast-paced action scenes, came a voice. Jared Leto's voice to be precise. Leaning against a car, looking out over the city, he philosophizes with Batman (Ben Affleck)."We live in a society... where honor is a distant memory. Isn't it... Batman?"🇧🇷 Shit, they actually did it. Check it out below:

Snyder also has the meme in his courtJusticeligaExcuse your vile mess known asBatman contra Superman🇧🇷 You decide. Either way, we're absolutely thrilled you got the joke. Even if he was just a complete troll. This really goes to show the growing influence of meme culture and the power of virality.

Zack Snyder makes Joker say we live in a

– Dr. Jake Fishbowl ✨ (@_shannon93)February 14, 2021

To celebrate, here are our top 10We live in a societymemes

10. What a shame!

There's something about a Saturday night screaming, calling your friends, getting drunk, and then coming home ridiculously late. For some, it means Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, and self-loathing.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (4)

9. Shout out to Joaquin Phoenix for a second

But seriously, Phoenix's performance was one of the most heartbreaking things you'll see in a long time. And yes, that is the setting in which she utters those infamous words.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (5)

8."Isolation can give you a weapon"– Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This meme was sponsored by the person at the bottom of the classroom with jet-black hair, poor social skills, and a really lousy internet search history.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (6)

7. Excuses, excuses, excuses

What could be better than taking personal responsibility for your shortcomings? Blame society, of course.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (7)

6. I prefer not to say that

What's that? you haven't seen themClown🇧🇷 Wow…. Shame. Don't worry about this meme. It requires a high IQ to understand correctly anyway. *lights a cigarette*

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (8)

5. Fantasy and politics

They even brought in the late great Heath Ledger Joker for this one. The message here is ambiguous to me, but sometimes this is the most effective way to get a message across.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (9)

4. No turning back

Granted, I may be a little biased towards the "scientist himself" meme, but this one is still right. After seeingClown(2019) and coming out of theaters, did you have a more cynical worldview or not? I also thought the same.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (10)

3. Okay Boomer

You know we had to put some shade on themKaren of the world🇧🇷 Nothing excites a boomer more than a young person looking at a device for more than 0.001 seconds.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (11)

2. For the times they change

Without sounding too much like an English teacher, the shift from modern to postmodern has affected everything, especially the way we enjoy our conversations. Question everything from yourself to society as a whole.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (12)

1. The original and the best.

Just don't try to read that this is the piercing voice of George Constanza. Nobody incorporated them"I hate society and society hates me"Feeling better than George and no one ever will.

The “We Live in a Society” Meme Explained (13)


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