The Miracle of the Sun: Authentic Photos! (2023)

The Miracle of the Sun: Authentic Photos! (1)

Attested around the world

The beautiful images you see in this article are photos of the sun and they are quite remarkable. The images show a miracle that was first observed nearly 100 years ago and continues to occur in different parts of the world. Probably the most frequently cited case occurred on October 13, 1917 in Fatima. That day, tens of thousands of people witnessed the miracle of the sun and gathered to prepare for the visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was to appear to three children who lived in the village. According to many witnesses, after a period of gloomy and dark skies, the sun suddenly appeared and created extraordinary solar activity. It seemed softer than usual so you could look at it head-on, and it danced across the sky throwing off a multicolored light show for you to see. This miracle of the sun is just one of many sightings that have occurred over the last hundred years. Even today there are reports of miracles of the sun happening at other Marian sites around the world. In the small town of Medjugorje, for example, millions of pilgrims have witnessed the sunset. numerouscredentialsRecords remain describing the occurrence of this supernatural event.

The Miracle of the Sun: Authentic Photos! (2)

Website by Mariano Mármora

Another significant Marian site is in the small town of Marmora outside of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. In this humble city there is a place where the miracle of the sun and other extraordinary miracles are regularly witnessed. The place is in a picturesque farm calledgreen pageswith the names of their owners. It was built as a place of prayer where people come to meditate on itStations of the Crossin the beauty of the rustic hills. On many occasions large pilgrimages were held, attended by thousands of people. During the prayers at different stations, people experienced the scent of roses, visions of the Blessed Mother, indescribable peace and quiet, and spectacular views of the sun. The photos included in this article are recent photos taken during a recent Good Friday pilgrimage visit to the area in 2012. The photos were taken by devout Catholic Christians who regularly come to the site to pray the Stations of the Cross. I'm honored to share these photos and attest to their authenticity as they were viewed for the first time with a digital camera shortly after they were taken. The humble group refers to itself as asmall prayer groupand it is part of their mission to witness the miracles that take place for the glory of Jesus Christ and Our Lady.

The Miracle of the Sun: Authentic Photos! (3)

The signs are here!

Looking at photos of the wondrous sun, it is heartwarming to see how heaven continues to send spectacular signs to believers and those seeking answers. Many people who have visited Marmora have traveled great distances in hopes of gaining insight and clarity about their faith. Many people feel completely changed, renewed and strengthened in their faith and relationship with God. As one pilgrim said, “God made His presence so clear to me today that my life was changed forever.” These life-changing experiences continue to be had by those who visit the Marian site of Marmora, and miracles seem to be on the rise , as more and more pilgrims witness them.

Marmora links to the page for more photos of Miracle Sun

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    Get the latest updates and information about the Marian Sanctuary at Marmora, Peterborough.

A personal testimony of a visit to Greensides Farm

  • A day full of miracles!
    Miracles really do happen. This testimony shares the experiences of devout Catholic Christians who have learned firsthand of the beauty of prayer.

Edwinoel verwirrtfrom Los Angeles, California on December 14, 2014:

Every miracle that happens every time can only be understood in one's humility to the Lord of creation, and Jesus, who is the fullness of Godhead in physical form, sent the Holy Spirit to shake our hearts and souls for this truth to enlighten.

It is true that Jesus did not come for the righteous, but for sinners, so that they might see him, feel him and find their way enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who unites us and speaks to us with a voice that we can better understand we can humble ourselves before the divine, holy, healing and cleansing words of the Bible, so true, meaningful and full of God's loving mercy and grace.

blessings to all. Hallelujah to the Lamb.

Sturgeonl (author)on December 14, 2014:

It is painful to think that many of God's children believe that He would discern His love for one more than the other. It is unfortunate that people write reviews of other hearts and beliefs just to create judgment and division. Let us all rejoice that God lives in the world for all to experience!

David Mirandaon December 14, 2014:

reject forever the theory that "God draws near to me and lifts up only devoted souls to Me"; I don't only approach devoted souls; I make no difference; Why am I a god of choice? It pains My Heart to see how many of you still believe that My Graces are bestowed only on devoted sisters or brothers; as Christ Vassular Ryden said in the True Life in God Messages. (

David Hamiltonfrom Lexington, KY on June 16, 2014:

Beautiful photos. I wish I had high resolution versions of these for my desktop!

(Video) Unpublished photos of the miracle of the sun in Fatima, Fotos inéditas del milagro del sol en Fátima

Ramonaon July 2, 2013:

I humbly say that I have been blessed to experience the miracle of the sun in Marmora twice. In the second lap, the sun pulsed and rotated orange, blue, and yellow from 2:00 p.m. M. to 16:00 M. at the tenth station. We were about 15 to 20 people at this station when this phenomenon happened. Then all around us were huge, perfectly round yellow halos. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but the lady next to me and the rest of the crowd also saw the haloes that surrounded us all. We tried converting it to video and film but it didn't work. Unfortunately, we didn't have an instant camera. Believe me, God is among us and we can humbly live among those around us in peace and love if we choose to do so. Our Blessed Mother always asks us to pray to her Son for peace. Miracles happen in the humblest places on earth. How can anyone doubt Your Presence and Our Lady's Messages? He is our forgiving God. We can choose to live in the past or to make the next moment and each day happy and pleasant. All about options.

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brent7750am 30. April 2013:

The sun is amazing, it provides us with everything we need to support life on this planet. It carries energy in the form of light that we as humans, plants, animals and all life on planet earth and more can use. Thank you son for giving us everything we need and more!

Sturgeonl (author)on July 1, 2012:

Very sure. Thank you for your feedback on wba108.

(Video) The Miracle of the Sun In Fatima (October 13, 1917)

wba108@yahoo.comfrom Upstate, NY on July 1, 2012:

What incredible testimonies of God's miracles! God has so many amazing ways to reveal himself to his people. He's a supernatural god, so why should we find it odd that he reveals himself in supernatural ways?

Sturgeonl (author)on June 22, 2012:

You are so beautiful! I'm so glad you shared your thoughts Angela Brummer.

Angela Brummerfrom Lincoln, Nebraska on June 22, 2012:

Just beautiful.

dmopfrom the City of Cambridge, IN on June 2, 2012:

There is so much evidence that a higher power is at work, you just have to look at it with an open mind and heart. Great article and photos; upvoted, amazing, interesting and useful.

Raoul Yumulam 23. May 2012:

Miracles... Miracles... nowadays? You can find them if you search for them. It's as if the teacher appears when the student is ready. It makes sense if someone doesn't believe in a miracle, how can you spot one? Here's a silent miracle with no fanfare. The owners bought the 150-acre hobby farm and made it available to the public for free use any time of year, guess what, with no strings attached. Listen as the owners ask for something...if it's in your heart to be it. The soil needs to be tended and the pilgrims leave behind a lot of work. Let's say a prayer or two that the owners will continue to welcome pilgrims and visitors who come to pray and visit. Yes... miracles... happen... they're all around us... look at them... look at them closely... someone might be watching you right now.

Sturgeonl (author)am 11. May 2012:

I am so glad that this testimony has inspired you. God bless you Marelle!

Marellenam 11. May 2012:

Very interesting article and I would also like to see how these miracles happen in Marmora. Sometimes I wonder if miracles still exist and their center has inspired me.

Sturgeonl (author)am 11. May 2012:

Thank you Clarita for sharing the very special miracle of the heart... Forgiveness.

Clarita Sandam 9. May 2012:

(Video) Rare & Amazing Footage Reportedly of Fatima Sun Miracle & Powerful Commentary by Friar!

When I was in Marmora in 1994, a man came up to me and asked, "Why are there so many people on this farm?" I replied that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to some people. He asked me if I had seen it and I answered no, but I told him that thanks to this miracle, God had purified my heart and soul through the Blessed Virgin Mary. I have forgiven the person I hated the most. HE turns hate into love.

Dameam 8. May 2012:

Can the HEART OF CHRIST radiate so much LOVE for humanity? God, he is by far the greatest ARTIST of all time! We can observe it in nature and in the universe around us. Clearly God continues to show us daily that JESUS ​​is the LIGHT that guides the world and there is no other!

Sturgeonl (author)am 7. May 2012:

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for James A. Watkins' photography. I feel the same.

Sylmam 7. May 2012:

We know the love of God through His miracles. We know the grace of God through the beauty of nature that you so kindly shared with us. Thank you very much!

James Watkinsfrom Chicago on May 7, 2012:

The photos are amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. I've never seen anything like it. I love that!

Sturgeonl (author)am 3. May 2012:

Thank you Patricio, it is very nice to hear your testimony for the glory of God. I hope many read it! Godd bless you!

Patrick Hynesam 3. May 2012:

As someone who visited Marmora once a month on a pilgrimage with a special group of people whom I have come to know, appreciate and love as fellow Catholics and friends, I can confidently say that Marmora truly is holy ground. My prayer life was deepened both by meeting good people with whom I came to share and pray, and by going on pilgrimage to Marmoma with the prayer group. The Blessed Mother and Jesus are there, that is an undeniable fact... God bless you all. Thank you Lisa for your testimony of Marmora.

Sturgeonl (author)am 26.04.2012:

Yes, Edwinoel Tanglao, God is so good! Thanks for the comment and let's pray the 'blind' know. Amen.

Edwinoel verwirrtfrom Los Angeles, California on April 26, 2012:

Amen, sturgeon. God is so good that he keeps reminding us of his radiant presence within each of us through the many miracles in our lives. And thank you for sharing another beautiful center about such amazing wonders, Sturgeon, for the "blind" to see. Blessings during KJOH.

(Video) The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima October 13, 1917

Sturgeonl (author)am 25.04.2012:

Yes, God has given us so much beauty to enjoy. Thank you for your review Oceanside. Godd bless you!

oceanam 24.04.2012:

These are beautiful sunset photos.

God has given us so much beauty to enjoy!

Thank you for your center.


Sturgeonl (author)am 24.04.2012:

Thank you for visiting and commenting on Vamsdes. Godd bless you!

Jenny Fersefrom Missouri, USA on April 24, 2012:

Very impressive pictures! I had no idea this was happening. It just shows that you learn something every day. I will definitely spend some time researching this topic! Thanks for the great info and photos!

Sturgeonl (author)am 23. April 2012:

Meditating on the reflection of His design in the sun is truly a brilliant encounter with our Creator! Thank you teach12345 for your insightful words.

Diana Mendezam 23. April 2012:

These are beautiful sunset photos. The colors and designs are very pretty and very bright. I would love to see them in person. I think seeing the sun and meditating on the reflection of its design would bring one closer to the spirit of the Creator.

Sturgeonl (author)am 23. April 2012:

Thanks for commenting on Faith Reaper. In his love!

(Video) What Did 100,000 People See In The Sky Above Fátima Portugal In 1917?

reaper of faithfrom the southern United States on April 23, 2012:

Very interesting and surprisingly beautiful pictures. In your love, Faith Reaper


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