Sisters not through the matter of blood to the blood -citas that I love (2023)

Sisters are unique. They complete our lives in a way that no one else can do; whether they are related to us or not, in most cases, they are closer to us than our blood sisters, they can be friends or other relativesdistant who knew us for so long or know us so well that we seem to be really sisters.

They are sisters who are always there for them, hear the stupid things they say and never make fun of them or should be ahead. Some of their family because their hearts are so close that he feels as if his souls are made of the same heart.

You can share most of your lifeSignificant MomentsWith them, and will make them unforgettable. This quotes sisters who are not through blood touch their soul and remember how important the brotherhood and how strong they are connected in any other way are.

1. The sisters are much more than blood. It suits strength, support and encouragement that can only come from the brotherhood.

2. Sisters for blood.Mormans not for blood. If so, there is no greater bond than that of the fellowship.

Sisters not through the matter of blood to the blood -citas that I love (1)

3. Sisters do not need to be related to blood to be sisters. Imphers of all kinds and colors, shapes and sizes. Substals that see the dreams of others come true, sisters who support themselves and guarantee that we get there.

4. Sisters of your choice, not through the blood. Subshells that fold and collapse, sisters who support themselves with the good and bad times.

5. The sisters do not need to have blood together, those who are not always similar, but somehow feel the feeling of being at home.

6. Sisters do not always need to be blood sisters, they can be their ownbest friends, Amazing brotherhoods and women who change their lives for the better.

7. The sisters are the favorite companions and the closest to our hearts.

Sisters not through the matter of blood to the blood -citas that I love (2)

8. A sister is someone to say something without fear of judgment.

9. The sisters are the people who can create them when they are lower. They are there to help them to survive all difficult times, to create them when they are underneath and understand what are happening, and maintain toyour side and love. You, you want it to happen.

10. The sisters are the people who support, even if they are not related to the blood.

11. We are sisters in elections, not through blood, not through DNA. Sisters of love and laughs, after all the things we do together; little things do us what we are.

12. Our sisters are more than a family. They are those who stop with us in evil and thin. What happens will always be there for us.

Sisters not through the matter of blood to the blood -citas that I love (3)

13. We are all sisters in this world, if we have a connection with blood or not.

14. The sisters are not born; they are made, and their sisters are the people who help them maintain balance when life is crazy.

15. Sisters are the best largest artists in the world, the most loyal classmates and the most loving friends. Best of all, they love you unconditionally.

16. The sisters are aA gift from GodNo need to be related to blood to be one. If we need you, you always support, listen, interest you, I love you all the time and you want the best for you.

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17. The sisters are not just blood relations, they are the people who are worth living who teach them how to do a better to do so and who urge them to be great.

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18. We may not be blood sisters, but we are sisters forever.

19. The sisters are all different, but they are the same, they love thick and thin.

20. The sisters are not born; they are made together for challenges and joys.

21. The sisters are those who understand each other in thick and thin, help and support themselves. There is no better friend than a sister.

22. Sisters are people who give them courage, hope and strength. They get up when you are depressed. They get the best in you because they know how to do better than anyone else.

Sisters not through the matter of blood to the blood -citas that I love (5)

23. Sisters are like stars; they do not need to be related to the blood to feel the same way.

24. The sisters are not just blood relations; they are sisters in the mind and deserve to be loved as such.

25. Sisters are more than just friends; they are a constant memory of what is important

26. The sisters are the family with whom they want to grow and not given to them.

27. The sisters are closer to magic in this world. They are born with a feeling of empathy, one feeling for each other stronger than any blood tie.

28. Sisters are a connection between time and space. There is no stronger bond than the brotherhood we share.

29. We are sisters in time, always connected by the love we share for this world.

30. No matter how far women are sisters in their hearts and soul. They are also part of our history and future.

31. I am your sister, not through blood. We can be strange at first, but now we are inseparable.

32. Sisters do not necessarily have to be caused by the blood so that we have to express the truth about what the sisters are. They can be your best friend, the woman who taught her or the woman who observes and observes in life and she does yourisk.

33. All sisters do not go through the blood, but all sisters are one in their hearts.

34. Sisters are not blood relations, but they have this special bond that he cannot receive from anyone else.

35. You are someone's sister, even if you have no blood ties. It doesn't matter if you have never met this person. You will always look at your family.

36. Sisters are those who make them get a better person. They teach you to continue when things become difficult. They keep them in their dreams and give hope to the future.

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37. The sisters are sisters who are not used by blood but from the heart.

38. You are my sister and I am you; we are a team, not bloody, but we are connected in every respect.

39. The sisters are not through blood, but the divided love between them is the deepest and most powerful thing they will never know.

40. Sisters do not always need to look like their sisters. Love is not measured by blood, but of memory.

41. We love you; we need not be related to blood as sisters.

42. The sisters do not need to be related. Sisters may be the one who supports them, lifting them and lifting them to a better person.

43. Sisters are not only blood representatives. They are selected from their strength, compassion and passion. And they are united by fate.

44. Sisters are friends forever they spend time with them. They are the sisters they want and those who have everyone else except them!

45. The sisters are not just blood, they are the ones who take them out of the dark, illuminate their world and make them beautiful.

46. Sisters are the most loyal and joint friends they have ever had. They look good; they help each other, when times are difficult, laugh and usually believe in them as a team in difficult times.

47. No sister through the blood. They have gone through the same things and experienced the same feelings and memories. They have a bond that no one else can understand except the sisters.

48. All you need to find your brotherhood is the strength of our bond and the courage to be different.

49. Sisters are like the stars that are in heaven. We cannot see them with our naked eyes, but we feel their strength.

50. Sisters are the only creatures in this world who take care of them the most when they are awake.

51. The sisters are more than just brothers. They are family members, friends and partners in the adventures of life.

52. Sisters are like stars that have no distance or end. They always look, far and close.

53. Sisters are not just sisters for those with the same blood flow in their veins, they are sisters who will love you when no one is doing this because you are a family and that is beautiful

54. The sisters are much more than just sisters. We are family and we need it.

55. My sisters need not be related to blood as my sisters.

56. The sisters are the sisters who are not related to blood but remain in their family, regardless of what happens.

57. Strength in numbers. Farm in friendship. Eat of all, strength in our fellowship: The bonds of the brotherhood are much more powerful than blood ties.

58. I have to tell you something. You're not my sister, but I love you like one.

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59. Sisters who love and support are the Brotherhood the strongest power in the world

60. Sisters don't have to be blood. They can be everything and everyone who makes them better, stronger and the best version of themselves.

61. "It may not be related to them by blood, but I am a sister from beginning to end."

62. Those who are born sisters share more than just DNA. They share experiences, support and love. And much more.

63. A sister is a friend who has her in her life. She differs from anyone else and has her own story. But the most important thing about a sister is that she is always there for her when you need her.

64. Sisters are like stars and seem to be in the sky forever. The best part of their life is to find one with the shine.

65. Sisters are like fish. They swim together, talk together and even eat together, but they don't always understand each other so well.

66. It is a brotherhood that unites people and a brotherhood that keeps them together.

67. The sisters are like sirens. They take them when they sink, but never disappoint them.

68. Sister is someone so close that she cannot see them or even describe them with words. They are someone who feels them as the special person in the world, is also someone who always supports him and helps through everything ..

69. Brotherhood is not defined by blood or all clothes that are washed. The moments are shared, the support that occurs in times of loss and joy.

70. A sister is a friend who is next to her when her feet lose. A sister does not judge and forgives easily. A difficult sister forever and always knows exactly where to stay.

71. The best sisters are the ones you choose, not the ones you have selected.

72. Sisters who share one thing: passion for life, good food and wine.

73. Sisters are not through blood or marriage; I am more than a sister to you.

74. You don't need a blood relationship to be a sister, you need to be your sister.

75. Sisters do not need to be blood sisters, but they need to take care of each other.

76. Sisters know that our link is stronger than any distance.

77. The sisters are like clouds; they go and go, but still feel at home.

78. A sister is a special type of friend who likes so much that they both do something for each other.

79. Sisters who are not blood are also called Brotherhood. These words can be used to describe the bond shared by the sisters, regardless of whether they are related to blood or not.

80. Sisters are not only genetic, they are the ones that make you laugh, cry and disappoint, but it's your unconditional love that runs strong.

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81. That we are always there for each other from below in my heart.

82. The sisters are like diamonds, rare and beautiful.

83. Sisters are the closest to our hearts as blood in our veins.

84. A sister is defined by his ability to see good in others and react to it.

85. The sisters not only differ a little, they are the same.

86. When we meet as sisters, he feels so good. I love you and appreciate everyone.

87. Sisters are people with whom they can talk, no matter where they live or look, they always make you laugh when you need them.

88. Sisters are like flowers. They need sun, rain and wind to grow well.

89. The sisters are not only born, they are made, and this is the best type of creation.

90. The sisters are like the sun. Every world feels good, even if you don't know why.

91. Sisters do not need to be related to the blood to be sisters. They are sisters of their hearts.

92. Sisters not through blood, but sisters from beginning to end.

93. Sisters, we do not need to be sisters or blood sisters through marriage or even sisters in the Spirit, but we are sisters. Sisters for life. And we are strong together; we can use the right thing, we support each one.It makes it difficult and never lets someone reach everywhere in our fellowship.

94. Sisters do not need to be blood, but they should always be there for each other.

95. Sisters, sisters, not for blood, but choosing. If two sisters are strong and intelligent, they cannot be interrupted.

96. Sisters are usually inspirations with each other, but differences make the link.

97. Brotherhood does not mean that we have to be the best friends. That means we can support each other, whatever it happens. It is a friendship as a sister.

98. They say that sisters are like arc -omic. We do not need to be related to blood as sisters in our hearts.

99. Sisters need not be related to blood to be sisters. They are those who stay by their side when times are difficult and always love as they are.

100. Sisters, we may not be sisters, but you can always trust my back.

The sisters are an unconditional and irreplaceable part of the life of all the girls with whom they always played and fought with whom they laughed and cried, trusted themselves, trusted and had it. They need not be related to blood, being sister.One of these collections of sisters, not by bloody tiles above to show how much it means to them.

Please do not forget to share with your loved ones, thank you pleasant.

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