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Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (2)

In his time working with email, he's seen countless professional email signatures. They are the blocks at the end of theEmails you receive from your colleaguesand anyone else who wants to contact you professionally and who has your name and contact information. Maybe you even have one.

but reallyto needHe? The answer is yes.AProfessional email signatureit's more than just your name – it's an overview of all your contact information. By providing all of this, your email signature makes it incredibly easy for your email recipient to get in touch with you in the most efficient way possible, whether it's a phone call, a LinkedIn connection, scheduling a meeting via Calendly, or simply a reply to the email. In this way, a well-designed professional email signature increases the likelihood that your email will convert..

Why do I need a professional email signature?

As mentioned above, a professional email signature means more than just the end of an email. It contains key information the email recipient needs to continue their relationship with you, including:

  • How do you spell your name
  • title of your work
  • your business
  • your phone number
  • Your LinkedIn profile (and other social media pages, if applicable)

That's not all that a professional email signature can entail. You can add anything you want to your signature, such as:

  • Your working hours to let the recipient knowEthey can reach you
  • your office address
  • They aresite web
  • Relevant links, for example For example, a link to your company's careers page if you're just hiring, or a link to read reviews about your company.

Your professional email signature can also communicate your brand. Your brand is how the public perceives your company. For example, Apple is widely recognized as an innovator, innovator and best-in-class in easy-to-use technology products. Starbucks is generally perceived as a convenient and elegant quick stop for a well-brewed cup of coffee. Businesses express their brand personality through design choices such as colors, images, typeface, and voice acting. If your company has a preparedbrand identity, use it when creating your professional email signature.

Here are some advantagesEmail signature examplesthat express the brand identity through visual design options. They also help build brand awareness:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (3)
Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (4)

Anatomy of a professional email signature

Let's dive into the critical components of an email signature by examining its key elements:

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Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (5)

Firstly we havethe name of the sender.This is the most important part of any email signature. The recipient is informedOMSI sent them an email andAsthe sender spells and capitalizes your name.

Under the sender's name, we see yourprofessional title. In a professional email signature, you must identify yourself with your name and title. That way, the recipient will know how to refer to you in future emails, not just to you, but to others in your organization and anyone you introduce to them. It also helps them determine if you are the right person to discuss specific issues and concerns with.

After his office and company, we see hisCompany WebsiteYemail address. Placing them in a prominent position ensures that the recipient sees them and can quickly visit the Ostap website or send you an email. It's important to put your email address in a professional email signature because the recipient won't always be able to reply by clicking reply. For example, they might want to start a new email thread, or if you sent them a cold email from a company account, they need your unique email address to email you directly.

After your email address we havesocial media icons. This makes it easy for the recipient to see the latest company updates and follow them on any platform.

we finally have oneGraphicthat succinctly communicates the Newoldstamp brand and service. Take this graphic as a sign: in just a few words and pictures, Ostap shows the recipient exactly what your business can do for them.

How to Create a Professional Email Signature (With a Free Email Signature Generator and Email Clients)

Before creating a professional email signature, determine what you need to include in your signature. In each case, you'll need your name, job title, company, and a way for the recipient to contact you. In addition to this basic information, you may want to add a personal photo, acompany logo, a relevant link or two, or even something fun like your favorite inspirational quote.

Once you've decided what to include in your email signature, you can create it.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a professional email signature is to use a free or specialized email signature signature software. As email enthusiasts, we've tried a few. Three of our favorites are WiseStamp, Newoldstamp, and MySignature. Here's how you can create an effective email signature with anyone:

my signature

Swindlermy signature, start by choosing an email signature template. Then, just like with WiseStamp, enter your professional information and watch it appear in an email signature on the right side of the screen.

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (6)

With MySignature there is aTONof various web and social media icons to include in your email signature: Drupal, Zomato, Gitlab. You name it, MySignature probably has it.

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Creating a basic email signature is free, but you'll have to pay for the advanced features if you want to access the advanced features.

new seal

Swindlernew seal, you cannot create an email signature without first creating an account. There is also no way to create a free signature like you can with MySignature.

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (7)

So why should you choose Newoldstamp? It offers professional tools that are more advanced than others. With Newoldstamp, you can create professional email signature templates for your entire team, create a unique email signature design for each department, track email analytics, and get support for all your technical needs. related. Also, they have a simple and easy to use email signature editor. Newoldstamp is a solid program that offers much more than just an email signature generator, and its price reflects that.

wise seal

Swindlerwise sealCreating professional email signature templates is easy. Enter all the information you want in the left sidebar and watch the generator use this information to create an email signature on the fly.

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (8)

Signing up is free, but some features are limited to Pro users, e.g. B. the ability to change the color and font in your email signature templates. It's simple, straightforward and makes it super easy for you to see how your email signature will look to an email recipient.

Add Your Signature to Gmail and Outlook

Gmail and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most used email clients. Both allow you to add your personal email signature individually so that it is automatically included in every email you send. You can even create your signature directly in these programs so you don't have to use a free email signature generator or graphic design program. This gives you fewer signature design options, but if you just need a basic email signature it might be easier to design it directly in your email client.

Here are quick instructions you can follow to add your signature to Outlook and Gmail:

Add your signature to Gmail account

  1. Abra o Gmail.
  2. Select the gear in the upper-right corner of the screen (the third icon from the right).
  3. To chooseShow all settings.
  4. Scroll down toBusiness.
  5. give a clickcreate a new
  6. Give your new email signature a name.
  7. Type or paste your signature into the input field that appears.
  8. Adjust the colors, fonts, size and other components of your signature in this field.
  9. From the two drop-down menus below the input field, select whether this signature should appear on all emails and on all replies and forwards.
  10. Use the checkbox below to select whether you want the email signature to appear before quoted text in email replies.
Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (9)

Add Your Email Signature to Microsoft Outlook

  1. Write a new email.
  2. Under theNewsmenu, chooseCompany > In the company.
  3. To chooseSelect the signature to edit > New.
  4. Choose a name for your new subscription.
  5. LowChoose default signature, select the email address you want to use this email signature for and whether you want it to appear in all emails and/or all replies and forwards.
  6. Lowedit signature,type or paste the information you want to include.
  7. Customize the font, colors, size, alignment and other components of your email signature in this edit box.
  8. give a clickACCORDINGLY.
Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (10)

If you have more than one email address, repeat this process for each address. If younoIf you want your email address automatically added to every email you send, you can manually add it to as many as you like. To do this, set the dropdown menus toChoose default signatureto "new messages" and "replies/forwards" to [none]. Then select on each email you want to add your signatureNewsa cunning,ThenBusinessand select the email signature you want to add.

The best examples of professional email signatures

Professional email signatures can look very different. While some are ornate and contain a lot of information and images, others are pretty straightforward and only cover the main sender stats:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (11)

As you can see, this email signature example is pretty immature. It only contains sender name, title, email address and social media accounts. But don't confuse "easy" with "ineffective". In many cases, a simple email signature is themore effectiveEmail signature type.

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Basic email signature examples

These two email signatures are equally simple, but each one contains important information about its senders. When creating a basic email signature, think about what information is essential and add itonlythis information. For example, Tim Soulo's email signature consists only of his name, job title, company and Twitter profile.

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (12)

Here's another HubSpot email signature example that's pretty straight to the point. No fancy images or designs can be found here, just the basic and critical contact information the recipient needs to communicate with the sender (not to mention secondary contact information).

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (13)

Examples of complex email signatures

With this email signature example, we get a little bit of everything: sender's name, job title, company, phone number and email address, and even a tagline that tells us what they're doing:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (14)

Not all professional email signatures need to include this much information, but if yours does, provide email recipients with a short biography about you that covers all the bases. Here are a few more examples of email signatures that include a little more information, but not "extras":

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (15)
Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (16)

Examples of corporate and branded email signatures

As mentioned, an email company is often the ideal place to work for some of your organizations.branded images. This is especially true if you work for a large company or one that uses brand awareness and recognition when reaching cold prospects.

Check out these examples of corporate and branded email signatures:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (17)
Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (18)

Examples of email signatures with graphics and social proof

You can go beyond a brief biography and include information about your credentials and your company in your signature as well. For example, take a look at how Vladislav Podolyako personalized his email signature: he added a striking animated company logo to the left of his name. Below his biographical information, we see some of his professional associations and a company report, all communicated through graphics.

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (19)

Cold email + business email signature = more conversions

As a first step, you want to make a strong, positive first impression on your recipient.cold email. Don't assume you're familiar with them - it is.calledemail finally. But (ideally) they will want to know more about you, your company and why you reached out to them, and your business email company can answer those questions.

Take a look at this cool email template:

The sender first names the recipient's industry and problem. The reader is intrigued: “Who is this person?” they wonder. In the next sentence, the sender communicates to the readera littleabout who they are, that is, how to help the recipient with the problem you identified in the first sentence of the email. you still haven't givenWho are,just what they do. After a call to action, we received aquick logoutand the name of the sender.

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If you automate your outreach with tools likethe hunting campaignYou don't need to add your business email signature to every email. After composing and sending your emails, the email signature associated with your Gmail or Outlook account will be automatically attached.

Here's an example of an email signature that's too short and doesn't accomplish any of the purposes an email signature should accomplish:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (20)

And here is an example of an email signature that contains a lot of distracting information:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (21)

Is it an email signature or an ad? If your signature isn't immediately recognizable as an email signature, you have a lot of things to do.

Too much HTML can also negatively affect yourEmail deliverability. When creating your email signature, remember that your top priority is to make it easily scannable and include only the information you need to enhance your relationship with the recipient. Here is an example of a well-designed email signature:

Professional email signature: 18 examples and best practices (22)

Create a perfect logout for you

Your email signature is the last thing your email recipient reads before deciding whether or not to reply to your message. That's why it's so important that you develop an email signature that not only includes all the information your recipient needs, but also communicates your brand and encourages a response.

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Lindsay Kramer is a copywriter and content writer from the USA. She is a copywriter for Grammarly, 99Designs and the Leaf Group. When you're not typing, you're browsing.


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