Prashant's Entrepreneurial Journey: Building a Legacy in the Printing Industry – Entrepreneurs Today (2023)

Prashant's Entrepreneurial Journey: Building a Legacy in the Printing Industry – Entrepreneurs Today (1)

Prashant graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in May 2011. Even before starting his degree, he decided to join the family business started by his father. The company, founded in collaboration with a close family member, aimed to create a brand in the label and adhesive industry.

When Prashant joined the family business, he had a clear vision of transforming it into a corporate entity. At the time, his father's business focused on printing advertising media and sheet metal, operating haphazardly out of a small facility. However, Prashant aimed to bring a systematic corporate culture to the business.

Despite having many opportunities to start a local business in the market, Prashant has remained focused on his goal of dominating the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market. His competitors became a source of inspiration when he faced various challenges, losses and business growth problems. However, through unwavering determination and hard work, Prashant and his team never backed down and finally achieved success.

Throughout his journey, Prashant's father has been his support system, acting as the root and backbone of the business. Together they worked to build a strong and trusted brand in the label and adhesive industry.

Prashant's Journey Towards Entrepreneurship

Prashant's inspiration came from his early exposure to his father's factory. Before entering university, he took a three-month training course at his father's company. This education was not handed to him on a silver platter. Rather, he experienced it as a company employee. The goal was to see if he had a genuine interest in the business or if he wanted to pursue a different career path.

During that training, Prashant realized that the industry had a lot to offer. The combination of creativity, marketing challenges and the size of the industry appealed to him. Money was not his main motivation. Instead, his goal was to establish himself with his own brand and make his mark on the industry.

While pursuing his B.Tech degree, Prashant continued to work part-time in the office whenever possible. He took his final exams in May 2011, but he and his father had already made the decision to enter the business as responsible sellers in February 2011. Finally, on November 13, 2013, they established the brand “PRINTEMPORIO CORPORATION PVT LTDA” with minimal investment, marking the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.

Forging Bonds, Building Legacies: Prashant's Unique Business Approach

What makes Prashant's business unique is not the specific products or services they offer in the printing industry, but the strong relationships they have developed with their customers, suppliers and employees. They prioritize their employees and suppliers, seeing them more than as business partners, as part of their extended family.

The culture they cultivated in their factory, the relationships they built with their employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers, are their greatest assets. Their focus is not just on being hardworking professionals, but on building a legacy and empire in the print, branding and advertising industry.

This emphasis on relationships, trust and a family environment sets them apart from their competitors. By prioritizing their employees and suppliers, they have cultivated a loyal and engaged workforce, as well as strong support from their supply chain partners. This unique approach sets them apart and contributes to their success in the industry.

A day in the life of Prasad

Prashant's day as an entrepreneur begins with the charming voice and smile of his 20-month-old baby, inviting him to the park. He spend quality time with his son before moving on to his daily life. After a brief workout and getting ready for the day, he heads to the office.

Prashant usually arrives at the office between 11:30 and 12:00. In the morning, he schedules phone calls with clients. As his factory is 40 kilometers from his home, it takes him some time to go to work. Once in the office, he takes a factory tour to understand the various challenges and concerns workers face. It gives you a chance to appreciate your efforts as well.

Attending production planning meetings is an essential part of your day, allowing you to stay informed and involved in production processes. Prashant also visits different clients frequently, which keeps him away from the office two days a week.

One of the highlights of the day is having lunch with Dad at the office. This mealtime serves as an opportunity for them to discuss various business-related matters. In addition, Prashant ensures that he spends at least an hour a day interacting with suppliers, discussing opportunities and possibilities for collaboration.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, Prashant also spends 30 minutes every day on New Product Development (NPD). This moment is critical for any organization to innovate and introduce new products or services to the market.

To ensure a work-life balance, Prashant leaves the office on time to get home by 8 pm. m. This allows you to spend quality time with your family. Because he is used to staying up late, he values ​​this time as an opportunity to strengthen ties with his wife, whom he considers his best friend for life. They talk about how they spent their respective days and discuss their aspirations for their children's growth and development.

Master precision and overcome challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing Prashant's business is the nature of the label, sticker, badge and graphics printing services. They trade to order, which means they always risk a 20% profit margin while facing the possibility of an 80% loss.

A single error in label design, printing or manufacturing can result in a significant financial setback. To mitigate this risk, they implemented a few strategies:

Opt for a Trained and Qualified Staff – Prashant stresses the importance of building a team with experience and quality control skills at all stages of production. Having the right professionals in place ensures that mistakes are minimized and quality standards are met.

Automation – They have invested in automation to reduce the amount of manual processes involved in producing labels. Automation helps streamline the production process and reduces the risk of rejects or errors, provided it is operated by a qualified operator. This further highlights the importance of having a reliable and capable team.

drawings ahead

Your company has established a significant partnership with one of the largest suppliers in Indian industry, allowing you to start producing and selling paper products. The printing industry as a whole is valued at over INR 15,000 crore per annum. With this market potential, they have set a target of achieving annual sales of INR 500 crore.

To support their ambitions, they are planning to invest around INR 20 crores to set up a well-equipped factory. Furthermore, they provide a minimum working capital of INR 20 crore if not more to ensure smooth operations.

One of the strengths of their business is its security and fail-safe nature in many ways. Additionally, their existing 20,000 square foot factory, acquired solely through their successful efforts in the printing industry, works great for producing labels and signs.

Leveraging their partnership, investing in the necessary infrastructure and leveraging their established factory, they are poised to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that exist in the printing industry.


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