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Tokyo, April 6, 2023 –Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Mitsubishi Motors) will start sales of the new Delica Mini super wagon kei-car1at sales subsidiaries across Japan on May 25. The new Delica Mini costs from ¥1,804,000 to ¥2,238,500 (10% excise tax included).

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New DelicaMini

Based on the concept of being a reliable and active kei-car superwagon, the new Delica Mini takes its name from the Delica minivan that combines a spacious interior with a powerful ride.

The Delica Mini has an SUV style that gives the impression of powerful driving like the Delica, a functional cabin suitable for both outdoor recreation and everyday use, a spacious interior that allows comfort even in the back seats, safe performance and driving enjoyable even when driving on unpaved surfaces such as dirt roads, MI-PILOT2driver assistance technology and active safety technology. It offers pleasant moments with family and friends in situations ranging from everyday use to recreational use.

Since orders for the new Delica Mini started on January 13th, the number of orders reached around 9,000 units on April 5th. In terms of order trends, approximately 60% of all customers chose 4WD models and fully equipped Premium models accounted for over 80% of orders.

The vehicle's Delica-style front end, as well as the large-diameter 15-inch tires and specially tuned shock absorbers, both unique to the 4WD model, were well received. Requests have been very diverse, mainly from families with children and customers who want to enjoy outdoor activities.

Product website for Delica Mini (Japanese only):

Exclusive website for Delica Mini (Japanese only):

The new Delica Mini offers the following key features.

• Exterior and interior based on the Daily Adventure design theme

⚬ Hard SUV look from Delica

⚬ Comfortable and easy-to-use interior even for outdoor activities

• Spacious and comfortable interior room

⚬ Large sliding rear seat rails and a variety of seating arrangements

⚬ Sliding rear doors for easy entry and exit

⚬ Waterproof cargo space

⚬ Comfortable space in the back seat

• Safety equipment and safe and comfortable behavior on the road, both for outdoor activities and for everyday use

⚬ Large diameter tires and specially tuned shock absorbers improve stability and comfort (4WD model)

⚬ Grip Control and Hill Descent Control that increase the feeling of security

⚬ MI-PILOT driver assistance technology and active safety technology

⚬ Adaptive LED headlight for easy night driving

• Reseller options to enjoy customization

⚬ Active Tone Style that looks cool in an urban environment

⚬ Wild Adventure Style starts in nature

Product Description

Exterior and interior based on the Daily Adventure design theme

• Tough SUV look from Delica

The combination of the three-dimensional Dynamic Shield front design, which expresses strength and safety, with the headlights that have integrated distinctive semi-circular LED position lights, makes for an elegant and friendly Delicalook.

The front bumper and tailgate trim feature an embossed Delica logo. Except gloss black wheel arches3, the lower part of the front and rear bumpers uses an anti-skid plate that conveys the quality and dynamic feel of a Delica SUV.

The light alloy wheels have a shape that conveys robustness and an elegant dark silver color.

The body color was newly developed in conjunction with the new Delica Mini concept, using Ash Green Metallic suitable for any environment, from outdoor recreation areas to the city centre. The composition is composed of 12 colors, six bicolors and six monotones.

• Comfortable and easy-to-use interior, even for outdoor activities

The horizontally themed instrument panel with black base is accented by a light gray that makes an active, bright impression, emphasizing the feeling of width and making the tray and cup holders distinctive and the interior easy to use.

Seats feature stain-resistant, breathable, and waterproof fabric for outdoor use and by families with young children. In addition, the application of embossing on the seat surface and in the center of the seat widths creates functional, comfortable and moisture-resistant seats.

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Spacious and comfortable interior room.

• Large rear seat slide rails and a variety of seating arrangements

The rear seats offer 320mm of fore and aft slide, with leg room ensuring passengers have plenty of room to sit, even with the front seats further back. Seats on each side also slide and recline, allowing for various seating arrangements depending on the number of passengers and amount of luggage.

• Rear sliding doors for easy entry and exit

The rear sliding doors offer an opening width of 650mm, plus boarding efficiency thanks to the flat floor. In addition, the adoption of hands-free automatic sliding doors allows opening and closing even with two hands full of luggage, simply by covering the kick sensor at the bottom of the door with one foot.

• Stain resistant cargo space

Thanks to the use of luggage rack and rear seats in easy-to-clean material4, wet items and muddy outdoor supplies can be carried without worry.

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• Comfortable space in the back seat

the rear circulator4that the rear seat fans are equipped with Plasmacluster5. In addition to air circulation, this has the effect of increasing cab comfort through air purification, deodorization and static electricity elimination.

The vehicle is equipped with a suspended curtain.4to block direct sunlight and provide interior privacy, improving rear seat comfort.

Safe and comfortable road performance and safety equipment for outdoor activities and daily life.

• Large diameter tires and specially tuned shock absorbers improve stability and comfort

The use of large-diameter 165/60R15 tires and unique shock absorber configuration create a stable grip on the road surface and prevent the car from vibrating, improving stability and comfort when driving on unpaved surfaces such as gravel. roads (4WD models only).

• Grip Control and Hill Descent Control that improve the feeling of security

The Delica Mini comes standard with Grip Control to assist the driver on slippery surfaces, for a safe driving experience both outdoors and in everyday life. If the drive wheel on one side rotates on a snowy or muddy road, the skidding wheel is controlled by a brake. The output is supported by ensuring the driving force of the gripping wheel.

Hill Descent Control is a standard feature that electronically holds the vehicle in a low gear to allow safe driving down steep slopes or slippery roads.

• MI-PILOT driver assistance technology and active safety technology

The vehicle is equipped with MI-PILOT lane assist technology for highways4. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps maintain the distance between cars, even when the driver does not step on the accelerator, and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) controls steering, assists and offloads the driver, supporting the oncoming vehicle to the center of the band.

The vehicle has active safety technology which makes Safety Support Car S Wide. The installation of eight types of driver assistance features, including Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM) and Emergency Pedal Misapplication Assist (EAPM), supports safe daily driving.

(1) Forward Collision Mitigation System (FCM)

(2) Emergency Aid for Bad Pedal Operation (EAPM)

(3) Automatic high beam (AHB)

(4) Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

(5) Car Departure Master Notification (LCDN)

(6) Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Departure Prevention (LDP)

(7) Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

(8) Forward Collision Warning (PFCW)

• Adaptive LED headlight to help you drive at night

Adaptive LED Headlight (ALH) with automatic optical adjustment mechanism6available as a factory option. By automatically changing the lighting range so as not to expose vehicles ahead or too far away, this feature prevents dazzling drivers of these other vehicles, ensuring visibility.

Dealer options for customization

External elements that allow free use of customization are available as dealer options. Two prominent styles are offered to enhance the Delica Mini's appeal: Active Tone Style and Wild Adventure Style. The individual elements can also be installed separately.

• Elegant Active Tone styling, with black and white accents that look attractive even in an urban setting

The Dynamic Shield and glossy black front and rear moldings add to the elegance of this style. The application of white badges on the front and rear and a retro homage sticker also give the car a friendly appearance.

(1) Dynamic shield (glossy black)

(2) Front grille trim (gloss black)

(3) Front bumper emblem (white)

(4) tailgate trim (gloss black)

(5) Elevator door badge (white)

(6) Tribute decal (stencil style)

(7) Side stickers

(8) para-lamas (therefore)

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• Wild Adventure style, with silver accents that stand out from the outside

The dynamic shield's silver color and front and rear trim reinforce the impression of durability and further accentuate the vehicle's SUV look. The black front and rear badges emphasize toughness, and the retro font, a nod to the katakana logo, evokes joy.

(1) Dynamic Shield (Silver)

(2) Front grille trim (Silver)

(3) Front bumper emblem (black)

(4) Elevator trim (Silver)

(5) Tailgate emblem (black)

(6) Tribute tag (Delica katakana-logo)

(7) Decals under front edge

(8) Rear decals under trim

(9) Side stickers

(10) Decals for aluminum rims

(11) Fenders (red)

(12) Basic carrier

(13) Roof rack attachment (black)

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History of Delica

Delica, with a history that began with the launch of the Delica Truck in 1968, celebrates 55 yearsyoubirthday this year. Starting as a commercial vehicle and adding passenger cars to its range, the Delica has become a flagship model for Mitsubishi Motors as a car that safely transports people and goods to their destinations. The addition of the Delica Van and the creation of the Delica Coach passenger vehicle in 1969 laid the groundwork for the next Delica bus line. The second generation Delica Star Wagon in 1979, the third generation Delica Star Wagon in 1986 and the fourth generation Delica Space Gear in 1994 all incorporated full-scale 4WD systems, establishing the niche of monobox vehicles equipped for off-road handling and solidification. The impression of Delica as a partner in the full enjoyment of outdoor recreation. The fifth generation Delica D:5, released in 2007, was loved by many customers as a unique minivan that typifies Mitsubishi Motors. The new Delica Mini is a superwagon kei-car joining the Delica D:5 as a model released under the Delica name.

1. Kei-car is a vehicle category in Japan for small cars.

2. MI-PILOT Assist in USA and Canada

3. Excludes models with Black Mica body color

4. Basic function for T Premium and G Premium

5. Plasmacluster is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

6. Available as a factory option for T Premium

Sobre a Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TSE:7211), an Alliance member with Renault and Nissan, is a global automotive company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with approximately 30,000 employees and a global presence with manufacturing facilities around the world. Mitsubishi Motors has a competitive edge in SUVs, trucks and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and attracts ambitious drivers who are willing to challenge convention and embrace innovation. Since producing our first vehicle more than a century ago, Mitsubishi Motors has been a leader in electrification: it launched the i-MiEV, the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle, in 2009, followed by the Outlander PHEV, the first plug-in electric vehicle. in the world - in a hybrid electric SUV in 2013.

For more information about Mitsubishi Motors, visit the company's website at


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