Mother to son poems that you will find very charming and sweet. (2023)

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These are mother and son poems that you will find very charming and sweet.A poem can be an incredibly easy way to share your thoughts if you're looking for the right words to help your child express how they're feeling. You can always write a poem, but don't worry if you're not the genius type.

mother son poems

There are countless poems already written by famous poets and mothers that can help you express what is in your heart and mind.

Mother and son

my son
I am here
I can't protect you
Of the world.

my son
I am here
I can only love you
no matter what

my son
I am here
my love unconditionally
This is something you can rely on.

my son
I am here
To guide and teach you
And now you have to fly

my son
I am here
life can be hard
I hear your scream

my son
I am here
change is painful
never forget who you are

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my son
I am here
keep the faith
in you and in God

my son
I am here
Self-acceptance is up to you
Do not be afraid

my son
I am here

von,fake rose


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  • Mother and son

For me life is a glass staircase

Life for me was a glass staircase.

has perfect levels
that can lead me to another sunshine.
A light from the inner son of the Father.
Stairs that can show an image of the divine. Stairs of Hope. stages
that rebuilds the broken stairs of our past.

No tacks, chips or broken boards. The old stairs were not
glass stairs. no balance no chance to enter the great escape
be scattered My Crystal Stair takes all the steps to love and
all people to the source. I'll tell you that for me life is a crystal
Ladder, it takes me to myriads and myriads of Ang EL. stairs of
Opportunity and Ladder of Truth. Home is at the Rock of Ages.
Where the pages of life are read by wise men. Can't stop now, gotta keep going
Climb. The stairway to heaven.

my glass staircase

von,Josef BuchananOutro

oh mother and son

oh mother and son
walk through the forest of life
beyond your time
in work and in the struggle of life.
Not much time for any dreamer
when the flowers fall,
and the sunset shines brightly
What do you call winter?

hi mom my day
I just want to be with you
because you are my way
to go on and on.
oh son i love you
you are me completely
when times are blue
and there are winter nights

here we go together
through the jungle,
falling leaves shine
with your sadness and your pain.
But we are still here
in all our dreams
our souls are everywhere
like running water.

von,Pedro S. Quinn

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Mother and Son (Mother to Son Poems)

Syracuse has news:
"There's a Birth on the Boat"
Boat stopped, without engine
stone pier
The sea is a bed of high waves
You can pick up moss and weeds and send.
There she is; in blood

And baby some days; with the thread
(Not yet cut; no scissors; no sharp knife)
the crew escaped
You know what was the best?
(Like Moses in the basket on the Nile)
Cat's bed; Syria and the wars
toys and games; new mom
and threads on sticks; ends in the west
In Moscow, Washington, in Europe
He had to move to a safe place.
Europe screams "Come home".
(To the Mountains of Fire)
I cry; laugh later; in the madhouse
'What is it? '
'What is that? '
Who has the motive? '
God exists
Who is right, Jehovah, the Father of the Lord or Allah?
The Arab Spring was upon Bashar
It's done
'smells; it's bomb'
New game like Saddam

Who responds to this child?
Born on a ship, abandoned by the rocks
First named girl; late boy with his rope
What grows in your soil?
do you hate love?
Are you alone?
What about forty-eight children and many
dozens; Thousands… Sicily

von,Nassy Fesharaki


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  • Mother and son
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Son, I owe you all my gray hairs

I had brown hair when you were born
But that didn't last long.
I owe you my gray hair, boy
And I'll remind you how I got each one.

These gray hairs at my temples
They're all from when you went fishing.
In your father's expensive saltwater pool
And some of those fish are still missing.

those gray hairs in my hair
These are not highlights my esthetician did for me.
They showed up destroying the neighbor's yard.
As if you were on a search and destroy mission.

the gray you see
Grows straight from my crown
It's a memento I got from that wedding.
Where did you hang the bride's elegant dress.

They say gray hair is a mother's badge of honor
And that might very well be true.
But I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
If it meant a second less for you.

von,Kelly Roper

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Mother and son

I've known her all my life
he took care of her for seven years
night and day

but when I lay down to sleep last night
I heard myself say
like someone else

what a beautiful lady
I wish I had known her better

von,Michael Schaefer

8. From mother to son (Poems from mother to son)

My son named the cat.
But he wants to study in Rotterdam.
I asked why do you want to leave
, If you have been accepted into the top MBA program,

Right here, so close to home.
Please don't leave us alone.
He said, "Mother, the global exposure
Getting there will not be possible in Indore.

I will study with an international community,
With Nobel Prize winners on the faculty.
It will be an enriching experience."
But, my son, we will be several lakhs poorer.

I look at myself with worried eyes
And he said I don't want to stress you out.
maybe i should study here
I felt happy just listening

that he was willing to compromise
For your long-cherished dreams.
I patted him on the back and said:
Go out into the world and spread your wings.

but always remember
Your roots are here.
Return home after enlargement
your horizons.

Right now India is a hot spot,
And I hear it attracts a lot of expats.
it will be a good idea
Here you can explore your options.

start your own business,
This is my parting advice.
Come back and make your country proud
Just be sure to be part of the crowd.

CAT is an entrance exam for the best business schools in India

von,Mama Agarwal

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For a mother, the child does not grow.

The mother is the living shrine
To his eyes the son remains green forever,
The whole world knows the son.
Mother's eye never changes from morning.

The son becomes an adult hood,
He is endowed with different moods,
Learn the black art of daily change,
Learn how the relationship secret broadens your horizons.

The mother's dictionary only reads the innocent baby,
Because she's wrapped up in her feeling essence
She finds no fault in the boy
And he sees him playing with the children's toys.

For a son, the mother is still an oasis,
In its good and in its evil it remains spontaneous beatitude.
Because from her comes the son on earth,
Learn your smile, your words and the rope of life as a source of joy.

When the son is sad, the mother cries,
On her son's bad days, she tries very calmly
Your heart and mind like a cool breeze, finding its way to the child's well-being,
She is the earthly goddess, the divine image, the rarest thing in life.

von,lightning underestimates

Mother and Son (Mother to Son Poems)

I need to be less
eighteen months—
naked, in my mother's arms,
face pressed against hers
as if danger were at hand.

in an empty field
with a hill in the background.
thistles and weeds
grow around us, at our feet.
The sky is completely empty.

wrapped in my arms
around the neck
She smiles a smile of pure love.
You can see it in his eyes.
your feet are planted
firmly on the ground.
Her floral dress hangs in folds.
there is something daring
how is she standing

The setting is a camp for displaced people
in northern Germany
after the end of World War II.
she doesn't have a husband
and I don't have a father.
Does it make any difference
how we feel

fifty-two years later,
The night before she died
My mother will tell me her name.
and the details of our lives.
(while she was talking
I asked a few questions—
was content to let her say
what she wanted
and what she didn't do. . . )

Everything that matters to me
it is the smile of pure love;
all the money in the world
I couldn't buy
and would never be for sale.

Today I look for hours
on the photo
And I wonder who took it and why,
a mother standing
with the child in her arms
in a camp for displaced people—
in northern Germany
after there was a world war
in a field of weeds and thistles,
under an empty sky

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von,Pedro Skrzynecki

A mother who has a child in a faraway country does not mean that she cannot express her love for her child in words. That's the love of poetry and I think you'll keep coming back for more inspirational poetry. Don't forget to share with your friends.

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