2018 - 2019 — Judge Monument | Diverse and inclusive preparatory college (2023)

class leader

Student Union officials– Jacob Frausto, President; Lauren Larson, vice president; Emma Graham, secretary; Lindsey Morton, Activity Chair.

núcleo premium– Mary Ndeze, Carlos Padilla, Sante Di Sera and Ari Elorreaga.

junior class core- Simon Briesacher, Amaia Horyna, Natalie Risse, Hannah Gose, Eric Stevens, Maggie Harmston, Suenga "Ellie" Han e Tomas Young.

second class core- Gus Daskalakis, Grace Carter, Annette Rooney, Sam Butcher, Gillian Mozdy e Henry Frech.

Core freshman class– Kurt McLaughlin, Meredith Gross, Georgia Stockham e William Selfridge.

During the summer

RaeAnn Eck retired on July 31 after 38 years as a judge. When her daughter Lisa was a student at Judge, RaeAnn was hired as a clerk by then dean of studies Tim Carr. He estimated that during her tenure he worked the front desk for 10 deans and even more principals, sometimes manually ringing the bell when special events changed school hours. Headmaster Patrick Lambert, who knew Eck as a student, said, "RaeAnn was the first person most people met when they came to school, and she's the first person people look at when they come back." Deputy Principal Louise Hendrickson added, "She knew everyone in the community." RaeAnn told Intermountain Catholic that she loved seeing graduates go back to register their children with the judge and sometimes saw three generations pass by. "That was amazing for me. It was also great to see students go from freshman to senior.”

The Calendar and Weekly Planner issued by the Judges Administration earlier this year listed four key attributes in its "Profile of a Judge Memorial Graduate." The school strives to qualify young people who are "spiritually, intellectually integrated, personally mature and socially engaged".

Joining Patrick Lambert and Louise Hendrickson in administration were Dean of Students Leilani Clark, Assistant Dean of Students James Cordova and Athletic Director Scott Platz.

Summer business trips took students from all over the world. Jillian Nelson, Madison Tartaro and McKayla Murchison went to India with Goals for Girls, a football-based empowerment project for girls; Katie Harston and Jordyn Del Rio cleaned up beaches and searched for sea turtle hunters in Costa Rica; Sydney Ewing spent six weeks in Panama; Amaia Horyna and Hannah Gose lived in Kenya; Madagascar attracted Olivia Anderson; Tomas Young, Christina Valentine and Sophia Bartlit visited Peru; YouthLinc brought Emma Wills, Megan McCoy and Ozzie Valdez to Thailand, while Fiji was the destination for Alexis DiGregorio, Lindsey Morton, Emma Graham, Elena Justice, Ruby Phillips, Sophie Campbell and Jacob Belzer.


National Merit Finalists: Gwendolyn Orme e Christopher Clyne

Lukas Steffensmeier, a native of Des Moines, Iowa, was one of seven University of Notre Dame graduate students teaching in the Diocese of Salt Lake. He taught theology. Steffensmeier came from the same program, the Echo of Notre Dame Faith Formation Leadership Program, which previously brought Catherine Coffey and Paul Kuczynski to court.

new teachers: Sara Strickland, Anthony Jewett, Matthew Cobley, William Hawes, Catherine Coffey, Megan Barron, David Dolan, Barry Bell, Taylor Gustafson, Maggie Lopez, Jaime Kim e John Michael Pantlik. The mentor of 30 international students was Ken Hoshino.

Las Cheerleaders füron Lindsey Morton, Neve Scolere, Teya Sidberry, Wren Walker, Nicole Espinoza, Madison Hopkins, Erica Strand, Taylor Liddle, Elizabeth Child, Viviana Garcia, Kenia Martinez-Juarez, Kayla Suchar, Lauren Mitchell, Emma Kelly e Alexandra Fernandez- Seoane.

Elena Justice was prom queen. Griffin Mozdy was king. In the week leading up to the event, Spirit Weekday themes were America Monday, Tropical Tuesday, West Jersey Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Color Wars Friday. The juniors beat the seniors in a tug of war, while the older girls beat the juniors in a gunpowder football game.

The jazz band consists of Kevin Yao, Tyler Bissett, Peter Larrabee, Dominic Blake, Drew Watson, Rowan Burris, Cooper Williford, Boden Chell and Araxan Olivares.

Sean Parent was an editor at Bulldog Press overseeing the work of writers Amaia Horyna, Suwsan Kueny, Matthew Cotter, Mark Monette, Jacob Frausto, Christopher Parker, Joseph Izampuye, Owen Perry, Nini King, Eleanor Young, Anthony Redding, Yara Ahmed and other Kalson Yusuf. Professor Chris Sloan was the advisor. In the state journalists contest, in May, the newspaper won the "Cobertura Cup Award" for its many years of engagement with the bourgeoisie. The newspaper also ranked first in headlines and video production, and third in website design. Individual honors included first place for Yara Ahmed, Featured Video and Opinion Writing; Kalson Yussef, video reporting and news writing; Joseph Izampuye, Reporting; Jacob Frausto, photographic report and opinion video; Sam Butcher, sports photography; and Eleanor Young and Nefan Deng, Video News. Also featured were Sean Parent, Owen Perry, Mark Monette and Anthony Redding.

In the November issue, Yara Ahmed and Sean Parent wrote about the campaign life of freshman English teacher Nicholas Steffens, whose wife Shireen Ghorbani ran unsuccessfully against Republican nominee Chris Stewart; Eleanor Young reported the number of women running for public office in 2018; Amaia Horyna reported on a Catholic community service event, "Forced on the Run: A Refugee Journey," and a poll of student judges who found they supported all Democratic candidates for office, particularly Jenny Wilson for Salt Lake County's mayoralization Healthcare. Marijuana (63% in favor, 17% against) supported Medicaid expansion in Utah and opposed gerrymandering; Matthew Cotter described college fair day; Jacob Frausto wrote about the mindfulness meditations introduced in Bobbi Morgan's morning ads; Nini Kang asked Ken Hoshino, the judge's international adviser, about the experiences of foreign students; Mark Monette described the Adventure Club formed by professor Matthew Vanderlaan and students Milo Hohmann, Nathaniel Haertel and Ricky Garcia; Critic Yara Ahmed gave Arianne Grande's "Sweetener" a 6.8 out of 10 and J. Cole's "KOD" a 9.6; Christopher Parker reviewed Forza Horizon 4 and Mega Man 11.

Joseph Izampuye, Alisa Kasabyan, Nathaniel Haertel, Katie McGirt, Jayson Avina, Mark Monette, Richard Garcia, William Lin, Milo Hohmann and John Monette participated in the Adventuring Guild.

Maestro Chris Sloan's advanced photographers included Tara Aguirre, Jayleen Gomez, Jackson Tyer, Andrew Hall, Amani Badran, Noah Taylor, Matthew Snyder, William Anderson, Killian Lamanna, Chavo Salazar, Lindsay Cruz-Chunga, Chanakya Duggineni and Allison Ryan.

Anna Drossos, Lexi DiGregorio, Emma Graham, Lindsey Morton, Alexandra Soran and Grace Lee hosted a voter registration day during the lunch break.

Também Peer-Prediger foi Peter „P.J.“ Mannebach, Kianna Chacon, Joe Paul, Angelica Rodriguez, Lindsay Weyman, Julissa Gonzalez, Ruby Gutierrez, Olivia Haddadin, Katelynn Smith, Olivia Rollman, Jacob Haertel, Maggie Condas, Anika Weaver, Araceli Black, Patricia Estrada, Ethan Mitchell, Matthew Snyder, Griffin Mozdy, Carlos Padilla, Rene Valley, Christopher Clyne, Yara Ahmed, Lilly Lyon, Yulissa Padilla e Joseph Izampuye.

In developing Lieutenant Ripley, the Judge Call Robotics team included Erica Strand, Rene Valles, Cecelia Child, Chris Liu, Sophia Gosztyla, Ashtyn Mudge, Kaeli Henderson, Rebekah Sneddon, Genevieve Johnson, Daniel Flores, Jayee Lim, Wesley Zumwalt and Michael Romero, Nickolas Maez, Grace Wise, Parker Catten, Christopher Clyne, Thomas Lien, Andrew Hall, John Matthews, Declan Van Uitert, Matthew Ludlow and Joseph Thomas. They were mentored by Marci Hall, Jon Hall, Sonya McKown and Heidi Hoven.

Senior James Colling volunteered with the Utah Republican Party for five months, mentored by a graduate student of Judge Chase Winder. He had his picture taken with former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who also chaired the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

The Dance Company sent half of its profits to the Utah Food Bank and hosted its "Fiesta"-themed winter dance concert.

The Diocese of Salt Lake acknowledged that there were "credible allegations" of sexual abuse against three priests and a brother who taught magistrates in the 1960s and early 1970s. The accused priests were Charles La Penta, the former director Thomas P. O'Neill and Jakob Rapp LaPenta and O'Neill were dead while Rapp was in prison in Oklahoma on a sexual assault conviction Late brother Neil McMenamin, a housekeeper for the judge, also faced credible charges, Bishop Oscar Solis said , in a December 17, 1980 statement, listing 19 clergy against whom legitimate allegations of abuse have been made. The diocese revised the 1950 allegations. "This list of credible accusations is a step towards creating transparency, which will help to heal at least some of the wounds caused by the priests' mistakes that have betrayed their sacred trust," Solis said. We continue to pray for the victims and ask forgiveness for not protecting them."

The Environmental Club includes Stella Madsen, Addison Hildreth, Kaila Bunting, Kuol Ajak, Audrey Nagasawa, Jordyn Del Rio, Katie Harston, Lola Phillips, Erica Strand, Jayme Mintz and Gwendolyn Orme.

A full-page ad in The Salt Lake Tribune noted that the Washington Post and Challenge Index Judge called it one of "America's Most Challenging High Schools". The announcement announced that Judge's graduating class of 2018 received $18.6 million in scholarships, two-thirds of faculty members have master's degrees and 15% have doctorates. The school's teacher-to-student ratio was 12 to 1.

The 36th Annual Auction and Gala was held at the Downtown Marriott in City Creek and was themed "A Night to Remember, Believe and Celebrate".

Ashley Cluff, Colin Bergin, Victoria Locke, Marley Rosello, Grave Carter, Lindsey Housinger, Claire Sparano, Olivia Littlefield, Elise Runnels, James Bledsoe, Isabel Lane, Sam Butcher, Jace Holmes, Josh Icasiano, der von George Angelo in der Medizin deportiert wurde. , Dominic Burns, Simon Briesacher, Grace Sherman, Nicolette Miller, Nyayeek Kueny, Jocelyn Arceo, Christian Eggert, Amani Badran, Abraham Gaucin, Tomas Young, Maggie Harmston, Sam Maxwell, Kaan Johnson, Nicholas Bruno, Cameron Jones, Jonathan Barnhart, Sean Padre, Amber Hingley, Sam Poche, Jackson Green, Timothy Jerome, Italia Perez, Madeleine Klement, Timothy Tanga, Matthew Schnitter, Mashlin Villanueva, Alicia Bernardo, Peter Larrabee, Noa Salazar, Hailey Grandy, Louis Valles, Abbey Storms, Sophia Bartlit e Bailor Biedermann.

Intermountain Catholic ran an article about Nicholas Falkner raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as part of his charity project this year. But, as history shows, this was nothing new. Falkner had been involved in fundraising for charitable causes since the age of six, when he started the Good Neighbor Nicholas program with his mother, Mary Jo Ahlin, Class of 1981. Falkner, also a member of the golf team, organized a fundraiser to determine the top three winners of the Masters golf tournament.

The choir sang Sophia Gosztyla, Josh Sneddon, Olivia Vandersteen, Miles Smith, Alexa Punzo, Nyalok Akec, Angelica Rodriguez, Lilly Lyon, Emmanuela Androulidakis, Ronata Ibrahim and Kaila Bunting. Directed by Jaime Kim.

24 different organizations benefited from the help of Juiz students on Cristo Rei Service Day. Recipients have included Girls on the Run, Goat Farm, Rescue Mission, Wasatch Community Gardens, Bicycle Collective, The Good Samaritan, Youthlink and Our Lady of Lourdes.

Als Studentenbotschafter waren Nghi Nguyen, Angelica Rodriguez, Elise Runnels, Audrey Sparano, Jayleen Gomez, Lindsey Housinger, Claire Sparano, Cecelia Child, Zachary Petrogeorge, Lola Phillips, Owen Perry, Nicholas Falkner, Abigail Runnels, Mashlin Villanueva, Ashley Cluff, Isabella White , Nathaniel Haertel, Emmy Darling, Grace Sherman, Kalson Yussuf, Yajie Chen, Jocelyn Arceo, Chavo Salazar, Miles Brooke, Jaime Gomez, Alexandra Soran, Isabella DiNardo, Addison Hildreth, Mariah Trujillo, Jentrie Gordy, Clinton Kwong e Alyssa Bardugon

Christopher Clyne was editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Catharsis. His assistant editors were Allison Ryan (photography), Sera Cazares (poetry), Sante Di Sera (art) and Katie McGirt (prose). Contributors included Bella Coronado, Ari Elorreaga, Lindsay Weyman, Raine Padawer, Rachael Griffee, Eleanor Young, Jayleen Gomez and Alisa Kasabyan.

On the multicultural youth leadership day, Judge's entourage met with Nate Salazar, Salt Lake City School Board Representative, and Shireen Ghorbani, new Salt Lake County Councilor. Bulldog members included Joseph Izampuye, Jayleen Gomez, Italia Perez, Yara Ahmed, Sam Butcher, Ajal Juang, Sante Di Sera, Ryan Pringle, Carlos Padilla, Joshua Ben-Baba, Angelina Mayar, Tanya Ruiz, Julissa Gonzalez, Suenga" Ellie " Han, Annette Rooney, Maggie Harmston, Hannah Gose and Sophia Ewing. His adviser was John Michael Pantlik.

Nyalok Akec, Brody Dicks, Audrey Sparano, Peter Larrabee, Kaeli Henderson, Addison Hildreth, Erica Strand and Caroline Foy honed their culinary skills at the Epicurean Club, serving food at cafeterias, Interact banquets and alumni spaghetti dinners. Emily Leary, Sofia Kelson and Kayden Lewis. Its presenter was Tim Soran.

Participam do debate Kate Borgmeier, Declan Van Uitert, Katherine Evans, Penelope Dalton, Ethan Reid, Daniel Flores, William Kesling, Emmy Darling, Chanakya Duggineni, John Hunt, Jacob Belzer e Liam Pingree. Seu assessor foi Ben Macey.

Chamber Night in February and Spring Music Concert in May celebrated the musical talents of the Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Wind Band and Orchestra.

Angelina Mayar, Nefan Deng, Mary Ndeze and Joshua Ben-Baba formed a Black Student Union (BSU) on Wednesday: Mary Malueth, Kelsi Jones, Nyalok Akec, Adior Juang, Mia Tarver, Deng Mayar, Maxwell Jackson, Justin Omal , Ajal Juang, Emmanuel Okong, Fuad Mowlid, Jamal Mowlid, Marika Collins and Teya Sidberry.

Editors Sydney Ewing and Pauline Simonson and contributors Khristina Wilsak, Skye Fredericks, Ozzie Valdez, Emily Harris, Alex Carrillo, and Sidnee Campbell crafted the yearbook.

The yearbook noted that Drake was the year's favorite music artist, Urban Outfitters was the favorite women's clothing store, and Vans was the favorite men's clothing store. The most popular series on Netflix was Friends. Chick-fil-a served the best fast food, Snapchat was the most popular social media app, and The Incredibles 2 was the most popular movie, just ahead of Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, and To All the Boys." I used to Love.

Seniors Yearbook Predictions: “Will Likely Become President”: Lauren Larson and Jacob Frausto; "Most Likely to Go to the Olympics": Katherine MacPhail and Joseph Paul; "Probably a Broadway Star": Katelynn Smith and Jacob Haertel; "Craziest Driver": Emily Harris and Brody Powers; "The Best Eyes": Alexis DiGregorio and Rene Valles; "Best Hair": Valencia Archuleta and Max Stireman; "Best Smile": Madison Jones and Alex Carrillo; "Clown Clown": Clara Williamson and Jacob Belzer; “Probably traveling the world”: Lauren Mitchell and John Hunt; "Most Likely Internet Celebrity": Killian Lamanna and Bishop Brown; "Probably to cheer you up": Elena Justice and Joseph Izampuye; and "Probably the next Bill Gates": Gwendolyn Orme and Christopher Clyne.

The judge introduced two mock judging teams. The yellow team included captains Jacob Haertel and Christopher Clyne, and members Naomi Tebben, Boden Chell, Amelia Colman, Amaia Horyna, Alexandra Fernandez-Seoane, Suenga "Ellie" Han, Joseph Craddock and Ella Kittrell. The Red Team had Maggie Condas and Anna Drossos as captains, with members Joseph Izampuye, Eric Stevens, Ethan Hall, Alexandra Drossos, Audrey Hendarto, Olivia Anderson, Olivia Rollman, Brody Dicks, Samuel Fedor, Lily Vasquez-Echols and Patrick Maxfield.

Orchestra members included Susannah Zang, Dominic Moore, Alexandra Fernandez-Seoane, Charlie Vandersteen, Neve Scolere, Jacob Haertel, Wuyou "Orange" Zhou, Carlos Padilla, Anna-lece Macklyn, Alysa Gribben, Elliott Gleich and Naomi Tebben.

Refugee children received 29 restored bicycles donated to Salt Lake by students of Judge Daniel Payne, Christopher Parker, Brody Powers, Ethan Mitchell, Kaitlin Sessions, Madison Jones, Allison Ryan, Riley Walker, Shea Ryan, Jaciel Tinoko-Guzman Bicycle Collective. David Vazquez, Brandon Whaley, Lifu Deng, John Pernich and Alex Snarr.

Save the Children was the non-profit organization supported by the Interact Club whose members included Mashlin Villanueva, Nyalok Akec, Kianna Chacon, Suzanna Trujillo, Katherine MacPhail, Erica Strand, Jennifer Nguyen, Rachael Griffee, Yulissa Padilla, Michelle Figueroa, Alicia Bernardo, Audrey Hendarto, Mariah Trujillo, Sophie Claus, Natalie Risse and Gwendolyn Orme.

Some of Tom Bettin's best art students were Angelina Mayar, Hector Lanchbury, Madison Jones, Jillian Nelson, Jazlynne Perry, Sophia Bartlit, Abbey Storms, Sandra Contreras, Grace Lee, Shaandiin Moore, Alexandra Drossos, Andrea Giovanniello and Oakley Hill.

Mitglieder der National Honor Society com Yulissa Padilla, Gwendolyn Orme, Ethan Firth, Amani Jammoul, Abigail Runnels, Emma Graham, Lindsey Morton, Katherine MacPhail, Alexandra Soran, Sophie Campbell, Amy Robinson, Mariah Trujillo, John Pernich, Christopher Athens e Miles Smith , Anna Drossos, Diana Cruz-Chunga, Will Anderson, Ruby Phillips, Yajie Chen, Lindsay Cruz-Chunga, Peter „P.J.“ Mannebach, Pauline Simonson, John Matthews, Katie Feldman, Sophie Davies, Audrey Married, Thomas Young, Kaitlyn Taylor, Suenga „Ellie“ Han e Ella Kittrell.

The band's half-dozen performers included Sarah Cremer, Nickolas Maez, Johann Dellenbach, Zoe Murphy, Izzy Valles and Cooper Williford.

The Spring Dance Concert celebrated film and theater with the theme “Stage and Screen”. Eleanor Young's review in Bulldog Press praised Ari Elorreaga's "incredible stage presence and grace", the performances by dancers Ozzie Valdez and Johnny Walz, the way Lindsey Morton put her "heart and soul" into each of her dances , the elegance of Emma Graham, the movements of Skye Fredericks and Julissa Gonzalez, the performances of Valencia Archuleta, Ruby Phillips and Lauren Mitchell, the "serious and intense expressions" of Lexi DiGregorio and the bewildering Moulin Rouge dance of Griffin Mozdy, Christopher Athens and Djivan Black. He also cited the work of the stage crew of Tarek Amer, Carter Causse and Peter "P.J." Mannebach.

Members of the Dance Company included Jordyn Del Rio, Max Brown, Ari Elorreaga, Sophie Hickey, Viviana Garcia, Ella Kitrell, Julissa Gonzalez, Lauren Mitchell, Kaitlyn Taylor, Valencia Archuleta, Alexis DiGregorio, Addison Hildreth, Emma Graham, Ozzie Valdez, Ruby Phillips, Sophia Ewing, Audrey Nagasawa, Estelle Madsen, Suenga "Ellie" Han, Lola Philips, Skye Fredericks, Lindsey Morton, and John Matthews. Nathan Shaw was his counselor.

Two experienced Judge teachers retired at the end of the school year: Tom Bettin, born in 1967 and nearly 40 years old in teaching, and Bernadette Bell, who taught math and other subjects for 33 years. "Ms. Bell is a very good person, which you would know if you spoke to her outside of the classroom," said Suwsan Kueny. Bettin has received plaudits from many of her peers for her dedication to bringing out the best in her art students and encouraging many to continue producing. Renowned for the classical music he played in his fourth-floor art studio and for his "witty commentary", director and alumnus Patrick Lambert said, "As a student I knew Mr. Bettin would keep me busy, and when." I know he'll keep me busy." Assistant Director Louise Hendrickson added, "Tom cares about the entire judging community, but his place as a judge will still be very present." Paul Savage noted that "his art is a catalyst for his teaching. Always evolving, never resting on his laurels, he is constantly finding new ways to express himself and therefore new ways to teach and engage students. Our students were lucky to have a mentor by their side.”

Also going: A.P. Eve Grenlie, Head of Campus Ministries Catherine Coffey and Barry Bell, Bernadette's husband, who taught history and driver education.

theater performances

„Mamma Mia!“, Regie: Darin Hathaway, Coreografia: Nathan Shaw, Música: Jaime Kim, mit Sophie Davies, Katelynn Smith, Max Brown, Jacob Haertel, Jack Libin, Eleanor Young, Addison Hildreth, Sam Huntsman, Gillian Mozdy, Georgia Stockman, Brody Dicks, Jonathan Barnhart e Joseph Izampuye. Katherine Ward, Emily Storie, Tanya Ruiz, Angelica Rodriguez, Natalie Risse, Lola Phillips, Meredith Madsen, Meaghan Madlena, Ava Linke, Grace Leonelli, Grace Jensen, Sam Jacobsen, Paul Florence, Penelope Dalton, Maggie Condas, Alicia sangen im Chor Bernardo e Claire Banecker.

"Middletown," directed by Darin Hathaway, assistant directors Angélica Rodríguez and Tanya Ruiz, starring Isabella Ingham, Natalie Risse, Gillian Mozdy, Katelynn Smith, Anika Weaver, Jacob Haertel, Max Brown, Peter "P.J." Mannebach, Katherine Ward, Jacob Frausto, Brody Dicks, Sam Huntsman, Jack Libin, Carlos Padilla, Isabella DiNardo, Jonathan Barnhart, William Lin, Amber Hingley and Milo Hohmann. Directors: James Trease and Tarek Amer. Lighting: Michael Eggert, Samuel Fedor and Jamisin Manzanares. Sound: Carter Causse and Riley Bouillon. Room staff: Fuego Avila, Ricky García, Kurt McLaughlin, Ishmael Molina-Zepeda and John Monette. Playwrights: Nathaniel Haertel, Paul Florence and Daniel Flores. Scenographic research: Alicia Bernardo. Costumes and Advertising: Claire Banecker, Reece Pingree, Makiah Macey and Rebekah Sneddon. T-shirt design: Katelynn Smith. House Manager: Nathan Shaw. Volunteer Coordinator: Jeanette Sawaya. Poster design: Nicolás Cendese.

One-act Haiku directed by Maggie Condas and starring Anika Weaver, Katelynn Smith and Natalie Risse. Technicians: Michael Eggert, Tarek Amer, John Monette and Ricky Garcia. The performance ranked No. 1 in the region and received individual awards for Natalie Risse, Best Supporting Actor; Sophie Davies and Gillian Mozdy, first place for classic scenes; and Meaghan Madlena and Katherine Ward, runners-up in pantomime.

Jamisin Manzanares, Samuel Fedor, Riley Bouillon, Owen Larson, Carter Causse, Cooper Williford, Christian Eggert, Tarek Amer, James Trease, Cameron Jones, Mathew Joy, Dominic Arias Duval, Nefan Deng, Mary Ndeze, Isaac Evanoff erhielten eine technische Ausbildung. Richard Garcia, Hanson Hong, Lorenzo Salazar, Matias Ciulupa Campos, Luke Borgmeier, Ishmael Molina-Zepeda, Diego Avila, Riley Walker, Brandon Whaley, Anthony Villanueva, Colin Bergin, Marisa De Astis, Jamie Little, Michael Eggert, John Monette, Jerry Liu.


STATE CHAMPIONSHIP, CHAMPIONSHIP- The women's tennis team won back-to-back state championships and dominated the 3A tournament at Liberty Park Tennis Center. Coach Tracey Valentine's Bulldogs have amassed 22 points, nine more than second-placed Morgan and Waterford. Senior Katherine MacPhail led at number 1 singles, defeating Morgan's Sage Earl 6–1, 6–1 in the final. a close match (6-3, 7-6), and in the No. 2 doubles team, in which the team of Janne Bredehoeft and Hannah Gose defeated a Waterford duo 6-2, 6-0. by Amy Robinson and co-captain Anna Drossos, also reached the final, but lost to Wasatch Academy in three sets, ending an undefeated season. “Our team has improved throughout the year. We had to do this because we knew the other teams were going to attack us," Valentine told the Deseret News. We had to get some players up and they did it." Valentine credited MacPhail for her development as she fought stiff competition for four years, first at 4A and then against a good player from Rowland Hall. "It's been like that. it was so much fun watching her grow up. He showed a lot of maturity. He focused on winning the state tournament in the end. He just trained all season and played with confidence." Said MacPhail: "It was very stressful, but secretly I plucked up the courage and did the work." A German exchange student, Bredehoeft, later said: "It was a great season. I'm super sad because it ended. It was great to be able to help the team repeat the national victory.” MacPhail was the team's MVP. Anderson was the most inspiring player. Amy Robinson was an all-state academic prospect. Other members of the state championship team included Grace Wise, Ruby Phillips, Audrey Hendarto, Jazlynne Parry Villavicencio, Abigail Runnels, Katie Harston, Mae Sweetland, Matylda Blaszczak, Elise Runnels, Ella Kittrell, Emery Lloyd, Pauline Simonson, Yara Ahmed, Alexandra Drossos, Suenga "Ellie" Han, Abigail Runnels, You "Orange" Zhou, Emma Wills, Ashley Cluff, Rachael Griffee, Christina Valentine, Alysa Gribben, Aria Handlon, Sarah James, MeiXing Nagata-Brown and Grace Wise.

Women's soccer coach Scott Platz was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in the summer and was hospitalized for a month. He left just three days earlier to try his hand at a team that was pushing his recovery. "I don't know where I would be if this team didn't put me through this," Platz said shortly after her girls reached the 3A State Finals, where they lost 1-0 to Morgan on a mid-first penalty kick. Half at Rio Tinto Stadium. "Even though we lost, we all kept our heads up afterwards because it really didn't matter," said Jillian Nelson senior. “What mattered were the meaningful relationships we formed with each other and how close we became.” He was referring to Coach Platz and Assistant Coach Bailey Walker, Class of 2018, who returned to assist the coach after being diagnosed with leukemia after his senior year. The Bulldogs advanced to the state title race with three losses by goalie Kate Bellew and the defense: 8-0 against American Leadership Academy, 4-0 against Emery and 1-0 against Juab. First-team All-State honors were awarded by the Deseret News to sophomore Bellew, senior defensemen Madeleine Gaztambide and Lauren Larson, senior midfielder Jillian Nelson, junior midfielder Sophia Ewing, and freshman forward Caeli Sherman. In the second team, Killian Lamanna, McKayla Murchison, Madison Tartaro and Madison Jones were named, while Sophia Coronado received an honorable mention. The Team MVP award went to Jillian Nelson. Lauren Larson was very inspiring. The captains were Gaztambide, Nelson and Larson. The rest of the team consisted of Cecelia Child, Olivia Leonard, Megan McCoy, Marisa De Astis, Jentrie Gordy, Lucy Callahan, Andrea Giovanniello, Alexis DiGregorio, Sidnee Campbell, Grace Sherman, Sadie DuBois, Brecklyn Jones, Khristina Wilsak, Araceli Blake, and Emily . Gonzalez, Zoe Behle, Mia Schmidt, Patricia Estrada and Amani Badran.

Led by Graham Hodell's 147, which was good enough to clinch third place individually at the 3A State Golf Tournament, the Judge Boys team finished second, 19 strokes behind Morgan. While Hodell hit Judge's best two rounds at the Meadow Brook Golf Course, a strong performance from the rest of the team moved the Bulldogs into second place. Sam Gaskill was 11, Nicholas Smith 25, Sam Butcher 28, Ethan Iverson 37 and Nicholas Falkner 40. Hodell was the team's MVP and Iverson was the most inspirational player. Nate Olson coached the team with assistants Dylan Jack and Nick Williams. Hodell was first team All-State, Gaskill and Butcher were second team, and Iverson and Smith earned honorable mentions. Other players included Riley Bouillon, Dominic Malouf, Carter Titmus, Peter Callahan, Ethan Hall, Luke Pearson, Isaiah Moore, Oliver Liston, Dominic Blake, Samuel Conner, Max Gross and Alexander Moffat.

The women's volleyball team finished third in the region and then lost both games of the 3A state tournament in four sets, first to Emery and then to Grand County. That left the Bulldogs in the region with a record of 7-11 and 3-5. Coach Taylor Gustafson's team MVP was Marley Rosello. The most inspiring player was Meredith Gross. The rest of the judging panel included Lindsay Weyman, Olivia Haddadin, Claire Bruggers, Ruby Winters, Abby McGowan, Hayden Goodman, Sandra Contreras, Cora Hill, Alyssa Bardugan, Lily Sibthorp, Emily Malouf and Yulissa Padilla.

Senior Allison Ryan finished fourth and junior Madison Tartaro eighth to lead the women's cross country team to fourth place at the 3A state meeting, which Morgan won. Ryan was the team's MVP, while Tartaro was coach Jason Heideman's most inspirational running back. Team members included Shea Ryan, Madelyn Bossarte, Audrey Claus, Sophie Claus, Amaia Horyna, Abigayle Kendall, Makiah Macey, Claire Poche, Anna-lece Macklyn, Emily Malouf, Reece Pingree, Isabella Tartaro, Naomi Tebben and Katherine Yarrish.

For the men's cross-country team, Joseph Hill, a sophomore, had the fastest statewide meeting to judge, finishing 22. Sean Parent senior was second best to coach Jason Heideman, finishing 48. Christopher Clyne senior was an All-State Scholar. Hill was the team's MVP. Clyne was the most inspiring runner. Also driving for the Bulldogs were Oscar Young, Lawrence Winters, Cooper Williford, Christian Vasquez, Atticus Richardson, Zachary Petrogeorge, Owen Perry, John Monette, Matthew Ludlow, Charles Leo, Jace Holmes, Walter Hogle, Jackson Green, Paul Florence, Michael Eggert , Joseph Craddock, Maxwell Brown, Carson Brashear and Jonathan Barnhart.

The football team made it to the 3A state tournament but was quickly eliminated, losing 55-0 to Juan Diego in the first round. The team's MVP was Ethan Mitchell, while Alexander Snarr was coach James Cordova's most inspirational player. The veterans were Jaciel Tinoco-Guzman, Jack Bithell, John Walz, Makhiah Tarver, Matthew Cotter, Thomas Hazel, Will Vahe, Rene Valles, Peter "P.J." Mannebach, Noah Taylor, Max Stireman, Emilio Garcia, David Vazquez, Carlos Padilla, Caleb Castro and Anthony Aguilar Padilha. The team consisted of Bon Sherman, Colin Bergin, Timothy Tanga, Chase Jones, Louis Valles, Michael Stokes, Charlie Vandersteen, Tomas Young, Samuel Maxwell, Juan Batalla, Rocco Fassio, Ethan Phillips, Samuel VanDongen, Christopher Zwerin, Diego Avila and Mario runners . , Mang Piang, Ajal Juang, Diego Rodriguez, Mitchell Bledsoe and Curtis Straup. Cordova's assistants included Will Hawes, Joshawa Pike, Malik Sawyer, Stan Finn, Ethan Drifffill, Jack Stahl, Parker Edgington, Cody Young and Mike Murray.

Coach Tim Gardner's men's basketball team won Judge's first state playoff game since 2013 and ended up sharing four games in the 3A tournament at Utah Valley University. The Bulldogs, who entered the region as the third seed (4-4 record), opened with a 64-60 victory over Delta, but saw their title hopes evaporate against Richfield, 58-43. Judge recovered to defeat Grand County 88-73 before settling for sixth place with a 61-52 loss to South Sevier. The Tarver brothers, Mack a senior and Makhiah a sophomore, led the Bulldog offense. Mack was the team and all-region MVP, Makhiah was second team all-region. Got Daw was the most inspiring player. Gardner's roster also included veteran Brody Powers and freshmen Deng Mayar, Kuol Ajak, Jace Holmes, Josh Sneddon, Tomas Young, Jack Terrill, Dominic Burns, Fuad Mowlid and Maxwell Jackson. Assistant coaches were Jason Soto and Stan Finn.

The girls' basketball team had a similar run in the 3A tournament. Coach Joshawa Pike's Bulldogs, a No. 2 team in the region, started strong with a 54-37 dominance of San Juan but then lost a tough 48-44 decision to Juab. A convincing 50-32 victory over Morgan kept Judge alive in the consolation group, but a 57-43 loss to South Sevier relegated Coach Pike's team to sixth place and a 14-10 overall record. Freshman Teya Sidberry was the second leading scorer in the 3A standings, while Pike led the play of juniors Emily Malouf, Abbey Storms and Abigayle Kendall. Team MVP honors went to Sidberry, while Malouf was the most inspirational player. Rounding out the team were Lucy Callahan, Marika Collins, Mia Schmidt, Peyton Ables, Emily Gonzalez, Mia Tarver, Olivia Haddadin, Maya Renteria, Jazlynne Parry Villavicencio, Kate Borgmeier, Maria Martinez and Nicolette Miller. Pike's assistant coaches were James Lee, Casie Edgington, Mele Vaisima and Linh Tran.

Hockey player James Colling was on his way to Holland, Michigan to play for Hope College.

STATE CHAMPION- In a closely contested 3A state meeting at BYU, the women's swim team had to settle for third place, just 10 points behind champion Carbon, who edged out Rowland Hall by a single point. Hailey Grandy had an outstanding rally for coach Sage Maaranen's Bulldogs, anchoring the combined 200 yard state champion team with Hailey Warden, Grace Sherman and Abby Runnels. Individually, she placed second in the 200 free and third in the 100. Runnels added a fifth on her back, while Warden took sixth just behind her. Sherman was fifth behind, with the Penelope Dalton team scoring in 15. The 200 free relay team of Caeli Sherman, Olivia Vandersteen, Emmy Hardin-Reynolds and Warden were sixth. Hailey Grandy was the team MVP, Olivia Vandersteen was the most inspiring swimmer. Other swimmers included Wuyou "Orange" Zhou, Katherine Ward, Sylvia Tang, Alexandra Soran, Elise Runnels, Jillian Nelson, McKayla Murchison, Abby McGowan, Isabel Lane, Lindsey Housinger, Emma Graham, Sophia Ewing, Lexi DiGregorio, Jordyn Del Rio, Ashley Cluff, Sidnee Campbell, Sophia Bartlit, Claire Banecker and Amani Badran. Assistant coaches were Ariel Hyams and Swen Greenberg.

The men's swim team placed 6th at the 3A state meet at BYU. The 500-yard freestyle was the judge's top event, with Jack Saber third and Alex "Buddy" Yannelli fourth. Yannelli was also part of the sixth-place medley relay team (with Ben Yarish, Seth Overman and Christopher Athens) and the seventh-place 400-mile relay (with Eric Stevens, Yarish and Overman). "The growth we've seen in the program over the last three years has been incredible," said head coach Sage Maaranen. The team's MVP was Yannelli. Athena was the most inspiring swimmer. Other swimmers included Matias Ciulupa Campos, Gage Cluff, Christian Eggert, Cameron McLaughlin, Sean Parent, Brennan Riad, Matt Snyder, Diego Tomczak and Bo Xuan "Jerry" Zhang.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP- For the second year in a row, the men's soccer team won the 3A state title in exciting fashion. After an early 2-0 deficit, Kelly Terrill's Bulldogs won 3-2 against Summit Academy (14-1) at the Rio Tinto Stadium. Debutant Juan Batalla kicked off after collecting a pass from veteran Joe Paul and scoring surrounded by defenders. Two minutes later Paul Junior passed to Jack Terrill who headed it into the net before half-time to equalise, his 29th goal of the year. "When we scored the first goal, it was a whole new way of thinking for all of us," said Paul. The decisive goal came early in the second half when sophomore Anthony Galindo crossed into the penalty area and slotted the ball into the net. Afterwards, goaltender Jaciel Tinoco-Guzman and teammates Cameron Lundy, Gedeon Baende and Anthony Aguilar Padilla kept Summit Academy at bay. "That was tough," Coach Terrill said. "We were 2-0 down but the kids didn't give up. The kids just didn't give up. It's been like that all season. They just haven't given up." The run to the championship included an 8-0 victory over Richfield, an 8-2 victory over Manti, and a 5-2 victory over American Leadership Academy, who were 17-1 in the all-time record. Jack Terrill was named Gatorade Utah Men's Soccer Player of the Year. Paul was the team's MVP. The most inspiring player was James Colling. Jack Terrill, Joe Paul, Anthony Aguilar Padilla and Cameron Lundy captained the team. Other members of the state championship team were veterans Jaime Galindo, Caleb Castro, Taka Kachi, Anthony Geraldino, Abraham Gaucin, Amador Guzman, Dominic Arias Duvall, Sam Gaskill, Elliott Gleich, Kaan Johnson, Anthony Soutor, Michael Mastakas, Emmanuel Okongo and Patrick Maxfield, Gus Daskalakis, Mynor Corado, André Geraldino, Juan Batalla and Evan Nelson.

STATE CHAMPION- Junior Luke Pearson won the No. 1 singles title and led the men's tennis team to fifth place at the 3A State Tournament. Pearson posted a 15-0 record (7-0 in regional play) for coach Tracey Valentine during the season and competed for Deseret News Athlete of the Week. "What makes Luke such an important part of our team is that, in addition to his success on the field," said Valentine, "he brings his buoyant, enthusiastic attitude to every practice. As team captain, he supports the team and is always positive with all the players on the team. He really loves tennis and wants everyone to have as much fun as he does." Pearson defeated Carson Martines de Carbon 6-0, 6-1 and then Kendall Grasteit of North Sanpete 6-1, 6-0. Simon Briesacher scored the judge's only other points and won his first match at No. 3 singles before losing in the second round. Bulldog Josh Sneddon lost at No. 2 singles and the No. 2 doubles team of Bo Xuan "Jerry" Zhang and Honam Cao lost in the first round. Pearson was the team's MVP, Sneddon was the most inspirational player. The team captains were Zhang, Briesacher and Pearson. The team was completed by veterans Chanakya Duggineni and Lifu Deng and newcomers Hanson Hong, Dakota Parker, Yan Chen, Jerry Liu, Clinton Kwong, Mark Monette, Brennan Riyadh and Boden Chell.

The baseball team entered the 3A state tournament hoping to go the distance. Those hopes were dashed early on when coach Jesse Carrillo's team lost 5-3 to San Juan. The Bulldogs showed a never-give-up attitude as they rallied to an 11–4 victory over Providence Hall and a 6–3 victory over Grantsville. But a good pitch stopped Judge's hitting in a 6-0 loss to Carbon. Team MVP Alex Carrillo, a shortstop and pitcher, was first team All-State with a . 464 batting average. He was also the Regional Defender of the Year. Sophomore catcher Alex Zang was second team, while sophomore pitcher/first baseman Luke Borgmeier was an honorable mention and top pitcher in the region. All-region honors went to Carrillo, Zang, Borgmeier, sophomores Connor McTeague and Henry Frech, freshman Mic Paul and junior Peter Callahan. The most inspiring player was Sanjay Kasturi. Carrillo, Callahan and Zang were team captains. Rounding out the team were Dominic Burns, Isaiah Moore, Lucius Anderson, Curtis Straup, Kyler Nelson, Samuel Maxwell, Brandon Whaley, Seth Overman, Mario Pasillas, Samuel Oswald, Liam Allred, Rocco Fassio, Kayden Lewis, Miles Brooke and Oscar Weir. other valleys of Luís. Coach Carrillo's assistants were Brian Moore, Alec Losee and James Brooks.

The women's golf team placed sixth in the state 3A tournament at Morgan's Round Valley Golf Course, led by Ava Isaac and Annette Rooney, who finished in the top 25. They also competed in state for Bulldogs Victoria Locke, Lucy Callahan, Brooklyn Woods and Isabel Valles. The Team MVP award went to Annette Rooney. The most inspiring player was Meredith Gross. Rounding out the team were Shaandiin Moore, Isabella White, Megan Johnson, Alexandra Drossos, Ava Linke, Lilyana Lopez, Katherine Yarrish and Susannah Zang.

The judge placed seventh in the 3A women's track meeting. The best athlete was Emily Malouf, who placed second in both the shot put and the discus throw. Allison Ryan also had a great run with a third in the 3200m, a fourth in the 1600m and another fourth as a member of the sprint medley relay (with Kaya Heideman, Brecklyn Jones and Madison Tartaro). Heideman was the women's MVP, while Allison Ryan was the most inspiring runner. Also fighting for the Bulldogs were Alyssa Bardugon, Abigail Barnhart, Zoe Behle, Araceli Blake, Madelyn Bossarte, Sophia Claus, Audrey Claus, Grace Clinton, Ashley Cluff, Lauren Cook, Penelope Dalton, Sadie DuBois, Isabel Lane, Olivia Leonard, Lilly Lyon, Anna-Lece Macklin, Grace Sherman, Caeli Sherman, Lily Sibthorp, Audrey Sparano, Isabella Tartaro, Shea Ryan and Kalson Yussuf.

The men's track and field team was led across the region by Zachary Petrogeorge, Joseph Hill, Atticus Richards, Sean Parent, Joseph Craddock, Christopher Zwerin, Micah Wedemeyer, Araxan Olivares, Maxwell Brown, Woody Lloyd, Michael Stokes and Nicholas Klekas. Petrogeorge was the team's MVP and Stokes was the most inspiring athlete. The Bulldog lineup also included Spencer Ewing, Andre Giovanniello, Jonathan Barnhart, Djivan Black, Riley Bouillon, Carson Brashear, Carter Causse, Gage Cluff, Paul Florence, Jace Holmes, Strom Huber, Ajal Juang, Matthew Snyder, Christian Vasquez and Lawrence Winters .

Olivia Haddadin was the MVP of the softball team, while Alexandra Soran received the most inspirational awards. The varsity team also included McKayla Murchison, MeiXing Nagata-Brown, Cecelia Child, Jamisin Manzanares, Miles Smith, Yesenia Andrade, Tiffany Hingley, Patricia Estrada, Clara Williamson and Ariana Andrade. The Bulldog JV team consisted of Shuang Wu, Jisenia Rico, Sandra Contreras, Xaria Espinoza, Amber Hingley, Josephina Akec, Lindsey Housinger, Yara Ahmed, Claire Soprano, Gen Clinton, Mariah Trujillo, Ashtyn Mudge, Sarah Cremer, Tanya Ruiz and Elizabeth Child. The trainers were Catherine Coffey, Jaime Kim and xxx Roy.

The MVP of the cheerleading squad was Lindsey Morton. Lauren Mitchell was her most inspiring cheerleader.

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP- The men's lacrosse team won the Class C state title, defeating Waterford 9-7 after defeating Weber in the semifinals and Ridgeline in the quarterfinals. The Bulldogs were led by college-level MVP Johnny Walz, who played at Boise State, and most inspirational player Daniel Payne. Walz, Max Koszinowski, Alex Snarr and Chavo Salazar captained the teams. Seniors included Andrew Turner, Rene Valles, Julio Paredes, Daniel Payne, Ethan Mitchell and Jacob Haertel. Rounding out the winning team were Timothy Jerome, Dominic Malouf, Sam Poche, Oliver Liston, Isaac Evanoff, Matthew Crawley, Owen Larson, Drew Watson, Sam Butcher, Baylor Biedermann, Colin Bergin, Henry Vandegrift, Mitchell Bledsoe, Jack Harris and Lorenzo Salazar. ., Ozzie Young, Giovanni Crosswhite and Nate Hill.

The women's lacrosse team was led by MVP Sophia Bartlit and most inspiring player Emery Lloyd. Hannah Hilton, Amy Robinson and Bartlit were the team captains. Coach Kaely Kernan's only seniors were Robinson and Grace Wise. The remaining Bulldogs included Claire Poche, Taylor Liddle, Pauline Simonson, Sofia Espinosa, Wesley Zumwalt, Maggie Harmston, Matylda Blaszczak, Tara Aguirre, Kelsi Jones, Elli Revenaugh, Mae Sweetland, Katie Feldman, Christina Valentine, Grace Wise and Grace Carter Naomi. . Tebben. Kernan's assistant coaches were Lucy Mower and Sarah Farrell.

Members of the Ultimate Frisbee Team included Cameron Lundy, Alex "Buddy" Yannelli, John Pernich, William Selfridge, Sean Parent, Christopher Athens, Max Brown, Ava Isaac, Maya Renteria, Anthony Villanueva, Daniel Flores, Grace Jensen, Paul Florence and Thomas Lien . Her trainer was Natalie Smith.

Christopher Athens and Griffin Mozdy managed the bowling team that finished second in their league at the Bonwood Bowl. Members included Chad Hall, Hector Lanchbury, Peter Larrabee, Jacob Frausto, Christopher Parker, Lifu Deng, Djivan Black, Cesar Albaladejo, Anthony Richardson and John Pernich. The trainers were Joan and Mike Jensen.

The archery team included Oriandy Molina-Domínguez, Maggie Wilson, Lindsay Cruz-Chunga, Bill Yu, Diana Cruz, Milo Hohmann and Mark Monette.

Jogando Kickball-Estaban Jillian Nelson, Clara Williamson, McKayla Murchison, Lauren Larson, Maddi Jones, Ruby Phillips, Hailey Grandy, Madeleine Gaztambide, Bishop Brown, Max Stireman, Evan Nelson, Alex „Buddy“ Yannelli, Anthony Villanueva, William Selfridge, Djivan Black, Dominic Burns, Christopher Athens, Deng Deng, Chanakya Duggineni, Ozzie Valdez, Grace Carter, Joe Paul e Sophia Coronado.

former athletes

Kaden Elliss, born in 2014, was selected in the seventh round of the National Football League draft by the New Orleans Saints. As the quarterback who led Judge to his first state football championship in 30 years his senior year (2013-14), Elliss became a linebacker at Idaho State University (6-foot-3, 240 pounds). Elliss made the Saints roster, becoming the first student referee to play professional football before injuring his knee and missing the season. He also made the list in the following years.


157 graduates May 19 at Abravanel Hall.

best of the year: Christopher Cline

greetings: Gwendolyn Orme

74 graduates wore gold medallions representing cumulative GPAs of 3.5 or higher. Out-of-state schools had 58 senior judges: 11 in Colorado, 8 in California, 7 in Oregon, and 6 in Washington. The University of Utah was the target of 57.

Christ the King Awards: Olivia Haddadin e Christopher Clyne

First Awards for Achievements in AP and Honors Courses: Christopher Clyne, Sante Di Sera, Ari Elorreaga, Skye Fredericks, Amani Jammoul, Lindsey Morton, Gwendolyn Orme, Amy Robinson, Olivia Rollman and Isabell Vasquez-Echols.

Outstanding academic participant in activities: Emma Graham and Christopher Clyne; Distinguished Scientific-Sports Participants: Joseph Paul and Amy Robinson; Excellent involvement in extracurricular activities: Lauren Larson and Jacob Frausto; Distinguished Achievements in Arts, Sciences, and Activities: Carlos Padilla and Lindsey Morton; Distinguished Female Athlete: Olivia Haddadin; Outstanding Male Athlete: Alexander Snarr; Football Moran Award: Johnny Walz; Basketball Yerkovich Award: Makhiah Tarver, Jr.; Demi Candelaria Grants: Liliana Anderson and Brecklyn Jones; Alumni Alliance Scholarship: Katherine Evans and Pauline Simonson; Linda Simpson Bag: Oriandy Molina-Dominguez; First Ascent Scholars Program: Mary Ndeze and Yulissa Padilla; Blessed Oscar Romero Fellow: Ruby Gutiérrez, Joseph Izampuye, Carlos Padilla and Angélica Rodríguez; Daniels Fellowship: Jacob Frausto; US Air Force ROTC Fellowship: Sidnee Campbell; Monsignor J. Terrence Fitzgerald "Youth Champions" Award: Kim and Joe Snarr.

Academic Awards–AP Studio Art: Sante Di Sera; Dance: Ari Elorreaga; Male Dance: Ozzie Valdez; Music (instrumental): Jacob Haertel; Music (vocals): Angélica Rodríguez; Theatre: Isabella Ingham; Theater (technical production): Carter Causse; Journalism (newspaper): Sean Parent; Theology: Kaitlin Sessions; Peer ministry: Patrícia Estrada.

IT: Amani Jammoul; Mathematics (AP Statistics): Gwendolyn Orme; Mathematics (AP Calculus): Amani Jammoul; Science: Holy The Enemy; Physics: Christopher Clyne; Science (Edison Prize): Angelina Mayar; Physical Education: Alex Carrillo.

English: Gwendolyn Orme; French: Lindsay Weyman; Latin: Katie McGirt; Spanish: Kathryn Vargas Serna; Social Studies: Gwendolyn Orme.

MVP and inspiring– Yearbook: Pauline Simonson and Emily Harris; Men's Volleyball: Riley Bouillon and Cooper Morton; Ultimate Frisbee: Grace Jensen and Margaret Wilson, Christopher Athens and John Pernich; Technical Theater: Michael Eggert and Tarek Amer; robotics: Erica Strand and John Matthews; Music: Cooper Williford.

Student Council: Jacob Frausto and Carlos Padilla; Mock Trial: Jacob Haertel and Maggie Condas; Literary Magazine: Christopher Clyne and Katie McGirt; Kickball: Lauren Larson and Cameron Lundy; Junior Classic League: Erica Strand and Grace Clinton; Interaction: Gwendolyn Orme and Audrey Hendarto; Epicurean Club: Emily Leary and Peter Larrabee.

Environmental Club: Gwendolyn Orme and Jayme Mintz; Drama: Katelynn Smith and Anika Weaver; Talk: Jacob Belzer, Emmy Darling and Katherine Evans; Dance: Lindsey Morton and Lauren Mitchell; Bulldog Press: Amaia Horyna and Joseph Izampuye; Bowling Club: Christopher Athens and Griffin Mozdy; Archery Club: Lindsay Cruz-Chunga and Margaret Wilson; Adventure Guild: Katie McGirt and Joseph Izampuye.

Written by Mike Gorrell

The Our Time as Student Judges project was researched and written by Mike Gorrell, a 1972 alumnus and longtime journalist for the Salt Lake Tribune. Learn more about the extensive process that Mr. Gorrell used to create the project and if you review the course materials and find details missing or have any questions, please contact Mr. Gorrell.

Learn more about the process and contact Mike Gorrell »


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