135 quotes about spending time with family (2023)

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There is an old and very popular saying that there is no place like home and nothing is more important than family. There are many sayings, songs, quotes from movies and books about the importance of family. But while all of this may sound familiar, even the idea that family matters is familiar to us. But sometimes we lose track of what that really means.

Life is so incredibly hectic, fast-paced and busy that family is sometimes unintentionally relegated to a lower spot on our priority list. Sometimes we get so caught up in work, school, responsibilities, chores, dreams and life that we lose sight of the most important thing: our family.

But the fact is that family is forever. It's the real deal. Friends, work, responsibilities come and go, but family is our only constant and our true North. There is no greater blessing than family and no greater gift than spending time with them.

The older you get, the more you realize how precious your family is. When we're younger, all we want is to spend time with our friends and romantic interests, and while that's fun too, there's nothing quite like spending time with family.

After all, it is your family members who can help you in any situation, help you out of a problem or get things done.

Our 135 quality family time quotes will remind you what you may have lost sight of: the importance of family. Our quality family dating time will be a wonderful reminder of how wonderful and precious family is and how family should be valued. It will inspire you to spend quality time with these amazing people you get to call family.

Quality time with family dating.

Read all 135 quotes about spending time with family. It will help you really remember what matters most: your family and the opportunity to spend time with them.

#1. Family comes first

The following quality family time quotes remind us that family is the most important thing in the world and there is nothing more precious than what we call family.

  • "My family is my life and everything else is secondary to what is important to me." -Michael Imperioli
  • For me, family always comes first; I would do anything to protect her." -Mark Wahlberg
  • “It is very important to set priorities. I know my family comes first for me. It makes every decision very easy.” – Jada Pinkett Smith
  • “My family comes first. Maybe that sets me apart from other guys." - Bobby Darin
  • “Spend time with those you love. One day you will say, "I wish I had done that" or "I'm glad I did it." - A foreign
  • "It is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and our top priorities." - L. Tom Perry
  • "For me nothing was better than being a mother and having a family and a home." -Jessica Long
  • "When you're too busy to spend time with your family, you need to reevaluate your priorities." -David Willis
  • “Family time is not a matter of convenience. It's a matter of priority." - A stranger
  • "No amount of money or success can replace the time you spend with your family." -A foreign
  • "The most important thing in the world is family and love." - John Wood
  • "At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed another test, won another verdict, or struck a deal. You will regret the time you didn't spend with a husband, a friend, a son, a father. -Barbara Bush
  • "Family is the most important thing in the world." - Princess Diana

#two. Family is your true north

Family is your guide, the one who lights your way. It's the sanctuary that makes you feel safe and protected. It is your true north and the one you keep coming back to. The quality moments mentioned below with family quotes show us that our true north and safe haven is our family.

  • "My family was my guide to my reality." —Haywood Nelson
  • "No family, man, alone in the world, shivering from the cold." — Andre Maurois
  • "I have a wonderful refuge, that's my family. I have a wonderful relationship with my brother and sister; It makes me feel like I always know where I belong. —Jose Carreiras
  • "A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it." —George A Moore
  • “Family is the compass that guides us. They are our inspiration to reach great heights and our comfort when we occasionally falter.” - Brad Henry

#3. family is your rock

Nothing gives us more strength than family. He is our rock and our refuge and gives us balance in our lives.

  • “Family will always be there. Material things come and go. – Romeo Miller
  • “A person's family is the most important thing in life. The way I see it, one day I'll be in a hospital somewhere with four walls around me. And the only people who will be with me will be my family. - Robert Byrd
  • "When problems arise, it is your family that supports you." - Guy Lafleur
  • “Our family is a circle of love that is strengthened with every birth and union that the circle grows.” - A stranger
  • "It's about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work, friends and family." - Philipp Grün
  • "The only rock I know that stands firm, the only institution I know that works is family." – Lee Iacocca
  • “When you come from a strong family structure, it doesn't matter what you go through in life. You'll be fine. – Alyssa Milan
  • "Family is a lifeline in the stormy sea of ​​life." -J. K Rowling

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#4. family is happiness

There is no greater joy than that of family, and no greater happiness than what our family brings us. These quality family time quotes are about how family is our source of happiness.

  • "The most important factor in our long-term happiness is the relationships we have with our family and close friends." - Clayton M. Christensen
  • “A true man loves his wife and considers his family the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and contentment in life than just being a good husband and father." - Frank Abagnale
  • "Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!" - Albert Einstein

#5. Family is everything

Family is life and it is everything to us.

  • “Work is work, but family is for life. That's really important to me." -Akshay kumar
  • "My family is everything. I am what I am thanks to my mother, my father, my brother, my sister ... because they gave me everything. I owe the education that I have to them." -Ronaldinho
  • “The children have been a wonderful gift to me and I am grateful to once again be able to see our world through their eyes. You restore my faith in the future of the family.” – Jackie Kennedy
  • “Family and God, that's what matters. Money, cars, they come and go. – Muamba factory
  • “Life is precious and relationships are precious. I really believe in family." - Len Goodman

#6. Make time for family

If there's one thing you should always devote your time to, it's your family. And this family quote reminds us to spend time with our families.

  • "Sunday for me is being at home with my family without any plans." — John Lasseter
  • "Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family." - Mother Teresa
  • "You'll never look back on your life and think, 'I've been spending too much time with my kids.'" - A Stranger
  • “I love spending time with my friends and family. The simple things in life bring me the most joy: cooking a good meal, having fun with friends.” – Cindy Morgan
  • "I don't think the quantity of time is as special as the quality of time with your family." - Reba McEntire
  • “Your family and your love need to be tended like a garden. Time, effort and imagination must be constantly expended for any relationship to thrive and grow. - Jim Rohn

#7. love your family

Always show your family how much you love and appreciate them. These quality family dating moments are a reminder to always cherish.

  • “LOVE your family. Take your time, be kind, and serve one another. Leave no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised and today is short.” - A stranger
  • "Think of your family today and every day after. Don't let today's busy world stop you from showing how much you love and appreciate your family." — Josiah

#8th. Family is the most important thing of all.

Dedicate your time and love to your family because as these quality family phrases tell us, there is nothing more essential and wonderful than family.

  • "The family is the first essential cell of human society." - Pope John XXIII
  • "It takes a lot of work to have a marriage, a family and a home." – Elizabeth Edwards
  • "I believe that family is the most mysterious and fascinating institution in the world." - Amos Oz

#9. Family is a gift and a blessing

There is no blessing as great and wonderful as family. These quality moments with family quotes are about the greatest gift of all: the blessing of family.

  • "Family is a unique gift that should be cherished and cherished, even if it drives you crazy. As much as they drive you crazy, interrupt you, upset you, insult you, try to control you, these are the people who know and love you best." - Jenna Morasca
  • "I'm lucky to have so many good things in my life: family, friends and God. Everything will be on my mind daily." - Little Kim
  • "Family life is the best way to find happiness in this world, and it is a clear pattern given by the Lord of what will be in the world to come."Spencer W. Kimbal
  • "You don't choose your family. You are a gift from God to you, just as you are to them. — Desmond Tutu
  • "Pray every day in your family so that your family will be among the families who call on God." - Christoph Liebe
  • "Having a place to go is a home, having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing.” -A stranger

#10. family is love

We learn to love and be loved by family. There is no love purer and greater than love within a family.

  • "I think family is key and when you love family then you love one another and you have unity as a people." - Marlon Wayans
  • "A family is a place where spirits come into contact with each other." -Buddha
  • “I am a happy person because they loved me very much. I have a great family." -Monica Bellucci
  • "Everyone needs a home to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home." - Antonio Liccione
  • “A family doesn't have to be perfect; it just needs to be united.” - A stranger
  • "Home should be an anchor, a haven in a storm, a sanctuary, a happy place to live, a place to be loved and to love." -Marvin J. Ashton
  • “Being a family means you are part of something very wonderful. It means that you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. -Lisa Weedn
  • "For us, family means hugging and being together." –Barbara Busch
  • “Ohana means family. Family means no one is left behind or forgotten.” - Lilo and Stitch
  • "Let us resolve to cherish those we love,spend meaningful time with them, doing things together and cultivating valuable memories.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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#eleven. Family connects us all

Family is something that unites everyone. It's something we all have. It connects us to our past, it connects us to our present and it leads us to our future.

  • "When you start talking about family, ancestry and ancestry, you're talking about every person on earth." - Alex Haley
  • "In every way imaginable, family is the link to our past, the bridge to our future." – Alex Haley
  • “Families are the bond that reminds us of yesterday, gives us strength and support today, and gives us hope for tomorrow. No government, no matter how well-intentioned or well-run, can do what our families can do.” –Bill Owens
  • “Family defines our past and shapes our character. Here we learn the important lessons of self-discipline, the art of compromise, forgiveness, honesty and fair play." – H. Jackson Brown

#12. Family = the gift of parenthood

Being a father is an immeasurable blessing. Enjoy and be the best father you can be to your children.

  • "I have found that the best way to give advice to children is to find out what they want and then advise them to get it." -Harry S. Truman
  • “Your children only have one childhood. Make it memorable." -Regina Brett
  • "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about." - Angela Schwindt
  • "Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you value them." - Richard L. Evans
  • “It's amazing where you can get that extra time. Even taking a kid to school can be a bonding moment where you can talk to each other..."tk oliver
  • "I hope my children look back today and see a mother who took the time to play. There will be years of cleaning and cooking... For children grow while we are not looking". - A foreign
  • "If you want your kids to do well, spend twice as much time with them and half the money" - Abigail Van Buren
  • “When in doubt, choose the children. There will be enough time later to choose a career” – Anna Quindlen
  • "Every day we make deposits into our children's memory banks." -Charles R Swindoll

#13. Family time is the best time

What could be nicer than spending time with those who matter most to you: your family.

  • "If you want to change the world, go home and love your family." -Mother Teresa
  • "In family relationships, love is truly written H.I.M.E." – Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • “Your phone has already replaced your clock, alarm and calendar. Don't let it replace your family." - Unknown
  • "Family time is sacred and must be protected and respected." -Boyd K. Packer
  • “The best gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give away your time, you give away a part of your life that you can never get back. - A foreign
  • “Time spent with family is time well spent. Family is the only constant in life. - A foreign

#14. More quality time with family dates.

Let these beautiful words remind you how important family is and how spending time with family is perhaps the greatest blessing of all and the most important thing in the world.

  • "There is no doubt that it is around the family and home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominant virtues of man are created, strengthened and sustained." - Winston S. Churchill
  • “Really, a family is what you make of it. You are empowered, not by the number of heads counted at the table, but by the rituals you help family members create, the memories you share, the time you invest, the care and love you show one another, and hopes for the future . you have as individuals and as a unit.” —Marge Kennedy
  • "I think unity is a very important part of family life." –Barbara Busch
  • "A happy family is just an old paradise." -George Bernard Shaw
  • "A family that plays together stays together" - Unknown
  • "You spend your life wondering what it's about, but at the end of the day it's all about family." -Rod Stewart
  • "In the end, all you'll ever have in life is your family, so keep them close while you keep them close." -A stranger
  • "I keep myself with the love of family." - Maya Angelou
  • "In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the glue that binds, and the music that brings harmony." - Eva Burrows
  • “My mother always told me that when the going gets tough, you always know who to turn to. That being a family is not a social construction, it is an instinct.” – Jodi Picoult
  • "Call it clan, call it network, call it tribe, call it family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need it." -Jane Howard
  • "Families are like fudge: mostly sweet, with a few nuts." -Les Dawson
  • "Much of the best in us is associated with our love of family, which remains the measure of our stability because it measures our sense of loyalty." - Haniel Lang
  • "We found out the world doesn't love you the way your family loves you." -Louis Zamperini
  • "Our most basic instinct is not survival, but family." -Paul Persall
  • "When all the dust has settled and all the crowds are gone, the things that count are faith, family and friends." –Barbara Busch
  • "There's only one thing more precious than our time, and that's what we're using it for." – Leo Christopher
  • “Families are like the branches of a tree. We've grown in different directions, but our roots remain one."
  • "Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them out and enjoy their riches." -Wanda Hope Carter
  • "The bond that binds your true family is not blood, but respect and joy in the lives of others." -Richard Bach
  • “Peace is the beauty of life. is sun. It is a child's smile, a mother's love, a father's joy, a family's union. It is man's progress, the victory of the just cause, the triumph of truth". - Menachem begin
  • "Family is not important. It's everything.” – Michael J. Fox
  • “Spend time with your parents while you can, because one day when you stop thinking about your busy life, they will be gone!” - a stranger
  • "Do you spend time with your family? Good. Because a man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man." -Marlon Brando
  • "Valuing family time doesn't mean you've lost your ambition. Define success for yourself.” –Claire Shipman
  • "A man should never neglect his family because of business." - Walt Disney
  • "It's part of family, not just love. It's knowing that your family will be there and will take care of you. Nothing else will give you that. Destitute. Not fame. It doesn't work." - Mitch Albom
  • “If someone was home, that meant everything to a house. It was more than an important fact: it was the only fact... The family was the soul of the house”. -Jonathan Franzen
  • “Spend some time DIY this weekend; improve your attitude toward your family.” —Robert Foster Bennett
  • "Having time for family to reflect on their day is the best." - Friend Valastro
  • "The time you spend with family is worth every second." - a foreign
  • "Family time is the best time." -Carmelo Anthony
  • "No matter what, it's mostly family time." - a foreign
  • "Going home and spending time with your family and real friends keeps you grounded." -Jennifer Ellison
  • "You have to make time for your family no matter what's going on in your life." - Fast Matheus
  • "We must look after our families wherever we find them." - Elizabeth Gilbert
  • "You leave home to seek happiness, and when you have it, you go home and share it with your family." -Anita Baker
  • "We're a family. We believe in each other. That's all." -Anthony McCarten
  • "Family is your most trusted source of support in any situation because your family's love is unconditional." - Auliq-Eis
  • "Some of the most important conversations I've ever had took place at my family's dinner table." -Bob Erlich
  • “Seriously listen to everything your kids want to tell you, no matter what. If you don't listen carefully to the little things when they're little, they won't tell you the big things when they're big, because everything was always big to them." - Catherine M. Wallace
  • “Life is really short. We all have the same hours in a day. It is important how we use these hours. How can they enjoy a happier family if they don't have family time together?” -Dr. Kevin Leman
  • “You can have a happier family on Friday. In fact, you can have one on Wednesday... or even today! And it's all about you. You can change the world of your family.” -Dr. Kevin Leman
  • “Remember how precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute must be used and savored.” – Count Nightingale
  • "Families are where our nation finds hope, where wings create dreams." -George W Bush
  • "Unless love is taught at home, it is almost impossible to learn anywhere else." – H Jackson Brown
  • "In fact, nothing is more associated with happiness, both ours and that of our children, than how much we love and support each other within the family." – M. Russell Ballard
  • "Sometimes it's harder for us to smile at those who live with us, our immediate family members, than to smile at those who aren't as close to us. Let us never forget: love begins at home." - Mother Teresa
  • “A family's ability to work hand in hand and successfully manage all the events that take up their daily time is the key to a successful family.” –TP Stein
  • "Other things can change us, but we begin and end with family." -Anthony Brandt
  • "Staying with your family makes them family." -Mitch Albom
  • "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." –Jorge Santayana
  • "Family, where life begins and love never ends."
  • "My greatest pleasure is being with my family." -Siri Hustvedt
  • “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." - Mother Teresa


If you are thirty or forty years old, sitting in your living room, sipping a cup of tea and watching a Christmas movie, you will remember the holidays you spent with your family or the ones you rejected. Back at home.

When you think about them, you will wish you had spent more time with your mom, dad, and siblings, because family truly is forever.

Family is worth far more than anything money or riches can buy. Family are the bonds that unite you, unite you forever. They are your rock, your refuge, your true north. Family is your greatest source of joy and love. They are your greatest blessing. Appreciate the gift of being able to spend time with them. We hope this quality family time has inspired you to realign and reprioritise, and always put what's most precious first: your family.

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